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The Faculty in the Department have been actively involved in planning, developing and successfully implementing several extramural funded research projects and operational research projects. The national multi centric / ICMR Task Force projects that are currently being undertaken are:.

Extramural (ICMR) Task Force (Multicentric) ongoing Research Projects (2012-2018) :

1. Title: Effectiveness of diet and life style intervention through Information education and Communication (IEC) tools with Anganwadi Centres (AWCs) as the centre of knowledge dissemination for hypertension (including hypercholesterolemia and diabetes) risk reduction – a cluster randomized controlled trial. ICMR-Ref. 5/9/7/9001/2011- RHN- a multisite study in 10 States of India (IRIS 2011-01970). CTRI Registration No. CTR1/2010/091/000282

The primary goal of this study is to assess the effectiveness of intense versus usual Information Education Communication (IEC) interventions on diet and lifestyle modifications delivered by existing community-level health-workers (Anganwadi workers or ASHAs or equivalent) on population level blood pressure; the aim being assessment of operational feasibility of integrating NCD risk reduction in community health programs through existing community level healthcare volunteers such as Anganwadi Workers or ASHAs (community health workers – CHWs). This feasibility study specifically aims to assess the usefulness of trained CHWs to facilitate changes in dietary fat, fibre and salt, tobacco and alcohol consumption and increasing physical activity at the community level in the Indian rural and urban health systems setting.

2. Title: Estimate the burden of TB among the tribal population and develop an innovative health system model to strengthen TB control in the trial areas in India (ICMR multi centric study on Tuberculosis under the tribal sub plan (Division of ECD). ICMR's National Task Force Project in 18 States of India. IRIS No 2014-2482A.

Primary objectives of this 2 year research project:

1. To estimate the burden of TB amongst tribal groups (TGs) in various states of the country
2. To find out the health seeking behaviour patterns of persons having symptoms suggestive of TB
3. Develop a tribal health system model with feasible interventions to improve case finding and compliance for TB treatment through a community based approach

Secondary Objectives:

1. To identify socio cultural determinants as risk factors for TB such as socio demographics (housing, sanitation, occupation) nutritional factors, alcohol, smoking and contact history
2. To understand the knowledge, attitude and perceptions on TB among tribals
3. To review the functioning of RNTCP in DMCs, TUs and DTC in these tribal areas to identify gaps in programme implementation. (access, implementation)

3.Title: ICMR- INDIA Diabetes study (INDIAB) Phase II Puducherry region (2017-2018)
The ICMR-INDIAB Study is a cross-sectional, community- based survey of adults of either sex, aged 20 years and above, aimed at determining the national prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus and pre-diabetes [Impaired fasting glucose (IFG) / Impaired glucose tolerance (IGT)] from all the 28 states, National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi and 2 union territories (UTs) namely Chandigarh and Puducherry in the mainland of India. Each state, the National Capital Territory and the Union Territories will have an urban component [towns including metros, (wherever applicable)] and a rural component (villages). The secondary objectives are 1) to determine the prevalence of hypertension and hyperlipidemia in urban and rural India; 2) to determine the prevalence of coronary artery disease among subjects with and without diabetes and 3) to assess the level of diabetes control among self reported diabetic subjects in urban and rural India. http://icmr.nic.in/final/indiab/Executive%20summary_INDIAB_Phase%20I.pdf

Extramural (Global Fund, IUATLD) supported Operational Research Projects

4. Title: Partner testing among people living with HIV in selected ART centres Gujarat- A mixed method operational research study
5. Title: Variations in the treatment outcomes of the patients treated in different TB units of Puducherry and factors influencing them– A Mixed Method approach
6. Title: Uptake of HIV testing and HIV positivity among presumptive tuberculosis patients at Puducherry, South India.

Title of Post graduate dissertation projects (ongoing)

1. Prevalence and determinants of acute respiratory infections among under -5 children in rural area of Villupurum district Tamil Nadu
2. Nutritional status of preschool children in urban area of Puducherry
3. Prevalence and awareness of common Reproductive health issues among adolescents 15-19 years in rural area of Kanchipurum Tamil Nadu
4. Effect of continuous health education on health seeking behavior of type -2 diabetic adults in rural area of Kanchipurum district Tamil Nadu.

Community based Projects Completed

Extramural Funded Research Projects completed:

1. Title: Prevalence of Goitre and urinary iodine status of school children in Puducherry (India) progress towards elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD). Funded by the Directorates of Education and Health, Govt of Puducherry. (2008-09)
The total goitre prevalence (TGP) was 27.5% (moderately endemic) among the children examined. The median urinary iodine concentration (MUI) was 142.9 μg/l (normal 100–199 μg/l). Only 7% of children (target <20%) showed low MUI (<100 μg/l). Iodine content was found to be adequate (>15 ppm) in over 60% (target >90%) of the salt samples.

Goitre is still an important public health problem in Puducherry and as it's important for the mental development of children, the various operational factors need to be identified to strengthen the NIDDCP and improve the consumption of iodized salt.
Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/233841445_ [accessed Feb 24, 2016].

2. Title: Tuberculosis case finding and treatment and treatment under RNTCP in Medical colleges: patient & health system delays in and around Puducherry. (2009-10) Funded by RNTCP State Task Force (STF), Department of Health, Govt of Puducherry.
Early diagnosis of the disease and prompt initiation of treatment are essential for an effective tuberculosis (TB) control program. The delay in the diagnosis and treatment may worsen the disease, increases the risk of death and enhances tuberculosis transmission in the community.

3. Title: Health care seeking behavior among Extra- Pulmonary TB (EPTB) including Female Genital Tuberculosis (FGTB) patents under RNTCP in and around Puducherry. Funded by ICMR, New Delhi,IRIS No. 2009-0948 (2009-2011)
It was observed from this study that 33% of female TB patients reported with clinical symptoms of genital TB of whom 34% were confirmed as FGTB by endometrial biopsy. The overall prevalence of FGTB was 5%. HIV was a common co-infection (11%) among female TB patients. It is important in RNTCP to screen all female TB patients and clinically examine those with symptoms of genital TB.
Available at: http://dhr.gov.in/annual_report/2012-13/english/PDF/English%20pdf%20files /12_Reproductive%20Health.pdf

4. Title: Treatment of One is Prevention for All (TOPA)- Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) India. Funded by ADRA Germany and Aktion Deutschland Hilft. (2006-2009)
This project worked to improve tuberculosis (TB) case detection and cure rates amongst Tamil Nadu’s population through health education, community outreach, field work, and strengthening of the DOTS (Direct Observed Therapy [Short Course]) system. The project also had a strong gender component: women’s self-help groups and anbiums (church-based groups) empowered and motivated women to play active roles in self-reporting and referring others to TB clinics. The project integrated components of food security and nutrition into its TB work, working with local philanthropic resources to provide food support to the extremely poor areas of the districts and increasing the program’s success rates. https://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/programs/treatment-for-one-is-prevention-for-all-project.

5. Title: Automated Low Cost System for Malaria Diagnosis and Classification. Funded by UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI). (2011-2013)
Collaborative project with University of Westminster, London (UK), Anna University, Chennai, India & Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Puducherry for, design and development of a cellscope with embedded software facility to detect and classify malarial parasite from the blood sample. http://www.ukieri.org/images/pdf/Anna%20University-University%20of%20Westminster-%20Presentation%2025.pdf

Community based projects carried out as a part of Reorientation of Medical Education (ROME)

Batch of 2006-07

Health status of children attending Anganwadi

Batch of 2007-08

1. Knowledge, attitude and practices regarding selected vector borne diseases (malaria, denue, chikukunya, filaria) among urban slum dwellers in Pondicherry
2. To study the knowledge, practice and factors affecting hand washing among mothers of under five children

Batch of 2008-09

3. Study of health status of under five children in service and non-service areas on Muthialpet health centre, PIMS
4. Health status and morbidity among adults in rural Tamil Nadu
5. A study of KAP of tuberculosis and screening for symptoms suggestive of the same among rural population of Kancheepurum district, Tamil Nadu
6. Health seeking practice in peri-urban areas of Villupurum district, Tamil Nadu

Batch of 2009-10

7. Prevalence of malnutrition among under-5 children in rural area of Kancheepuram district , Tamil Nadu
8. The study of prevalence of goiter and KAP regarding the use of iodised salt among the rural population in Villupurum, Tamil Nadu
9. Impact of health seeking behavior and health education on acceptance of MDA for Lymphatic Filariasis in coastal Puducherry
10. Study on prevalence of chronic kideney disease in a coastal area of Villupurum distict in Tamil Nadu, South India
11. Time motion study of patients at a tertiary level hospital of Puducherry
Batch of 2010-11
12. Prevalence and determinants of low vision and hard of hearing among adult population in a coastal area of Villuprum district, Tamil Nadu (2013)
13. Risk factors for pre hypertension and hypertension in an urban area of Puducherry (2013)
14. Burden, risk factors and impact of domestic accidents in a coastal area of Tamil Nadu (2013)
15. Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding tuberculosis among a rural population of Kancheepurm, Tamil Nadu (2013)

Batch of 2011-12

16. Water quality assessment and is implication on health
17. Determinants of quality of life among elderly population of urban Puducherry
18. Prevalence and determinants of osteoarthritis I a rural area of Kancheepurum district
19. Prevalence and patterns of mobile phone use and its health affects among adults in a semi urban area of coastal Tamil Nadu

Batch 2012-13

20. Community profile of rural filed practice area of PIMS Kancheepurum Tamil Nadu

Batch 2013-14

21. Screening for oral malignancies using visual inspection method in rural Kanchipurum, Tamil Nadu
22. Prevalence of chest symptomatic and pulmonary tuberculosis among adults in rural Villupurum district Tamil Nadu
23. Prevalence of selected physical morbidities and quality of life among elderly from rural Villupurum district Tamil Nadu
24. Prevalence of mental morbidities among adults in rural area of Kanchipurum, Tamil Nadu

Batch 2014-15

25. Prevalence of visual impairment and risk factors among adults in a rural area of Kanchipurum district Tamil Nadu
26. Prevalence of micro nutrient deficiencies and risk factors among preschool children in rural Kanchipurum Tamil Nadu
27. Prevailing infant and young child feeding practices in rural area of Kanchipurum district Tamil Nadu
28. Prevalence of accidents and risk factors among people from rural area of Kanchipurum, Tamil Nadu

ICMR Short Term Studentship (STS) projects:

1. Prevalence of anemia among young adult female students of Pondicherry instie of medical sciences-Ms.A. Saratha Devi
2. Validation of diabetes risk scoreamong known diabetiscs and their family members with assessment of other associated risk fators in urban Pondicherry –Ms.Mohanapriya
3. A study of psycho social profile and prevalence of anemia among pregnant women of Tsunami affected population attending rual primary health centre Pondicherry – Ms. Kirubha Hannah Vidyantha
4. Impact of integrated child development services in a coastal village of rural Pondicherry – Ms Namratha Jagdish
5. A study of menstrual hygiene among young adolescent girls in Pondicherry – Ms. Karthiga V
6. Study of prevalence of obesity among school children in urban Pondicherry –Ms. . Smyrna (2011)
7. Health care seeking behaviour of extra pulmonary tuberculosis including female genital tuberculosis under RNTCP in Puducherry-Ms.Garpagalakshmi
8. Study of prevalence of malnutrition, its risk factors and perceptions regradin weiht andits management among students in teaching medical institution in Puducherry-Ms. Sasirekha
9. Socio-epidemiological investigation on factors deermining road traffic accidents among patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital- Ms.Priya Sundararajan (2012)
10. Knowledge, attitude, practice regrading beast cancer and its screening methods among staff nurses working in a tertiary care hospital in Puducherry-Ms. S. Nivetha (2012)
11. Prevalence and risk factors of peripheral neuropathy among type2 diabetic patients in rural areas-Ms. H. Sankari Mansa Devi (2012)
12. Prevalence and risk factors of hypertension and pre –hypertension among school children (10-15 years of age) in rural Tamil Nadu (2013-14)
13. Awareness and utilization of social security schemes by the elderly population in a coastal area of Tamil Nadu (2013-14)
14. Efficacy of behavior change communication using social networking (facebook) to promote healthy lifestyle among medical students in Puducherry – A non-randomized controlled trial – M. Smrithi Krishnamohan (2014-15)

Post Graduate Dissertation Projects:

1. A study of morbidity pattern among salt production workers in Marakkanam, Tamil Nadu- Dr. Johnson Cherian (2008-11)
2. Health seeking behavior of new smear-positive patients under RNTCP in medical colleges of Puducherry – Dr. Murugan Natesan (2008-11)
3. An epidemiological study of nutritional status and its correlates among under-5 children in a rural area of Kancheepurum, amil Nadu – Dr. Suba Joice (2009-12)
4. Evaluation of risk factors for default and the determinants of treatment interruptions among RNTCP category II TB patients in Puducherry and Dindugul (TN) – Dr. J. Thanga Vignesh (2009-12)
5. A study of morbidity and health seeking behavior among fisher man in coastal areas of Villupurum district Tamil Nadu – Dr. SathyaNarayanan (2010-13)
6. A study of health related quality of life and its determinants among individuals with Diabetes Meelites living in urban Puducherry –Dr. Sherin Billy Abraham (2010-13)
7. Effects of selective lifestyle interventions through IEC tools among adults with pre-hypertension and hypertension living in an urban area of Puducherry- Dr. Velavan (2011-14)
8. Prevalence of risk factors for coronary artery disease among population aged 30years and above in a rural area of Villupurum district, Tamil Nadu-Dr.Jayaramachandran (2011-14)
9. A cross sectional study of initial default among TB patients diagnosed in four medical colleges in Puducherry – Dr. Divja (2012-15)
10. Prevalence of low birth weight and its determinants in a rural area of Tamil Nadu – A case control study - Dr. Kanimozhi (2012-15)
11. Prevalence of alcohol consumption and morbidity pattern among alcohol consumers in an urban area of Puducherrry – Dr. Muthurajesh (2012-15)
12. Prevalence and determinants of overweight and obesity among elderly people in urban area of Puducherry – Dr.Rajkamal (2012-15)
13. Assessment of implementation of Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) in medical colleges of Tamil Nadu , Kerala and Puducherry - Dr. Abel K Samuel Johnson (2013-16)
14. An epidemiological study of Road traffic accidents among patients admitted in a tertiary care hospital in Puducherry – Dr. Muthukumar T (2013-16)
15. Prevalence of visual impairment and its determinants among 10-14 years school children in Puducherry – Dr. Vishnu Prasad (2013-16)
16. Determinants of underweight and under five children in a rural area of Tamil Nadu – A community based cross sectional study – Dr. Arun S (2014-17)