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Department of General Medicine
The Department of General Medicine has been functioning actively since the inception of the institute. It began with two medical units catering to patient care and undergraduate education. Presently the department has expanded to 5 medical units to cater to the increasing patient load, undergraduate and postgraduate medical education and clinical research. The department provides curative services to a large patient load from across India with a wide spectrum of diseases including acute febrile illnesses, other communicable and non-communicable diseases, autoimmune and rheumatic disorders, liver diseases, kidney disorders, heart disease and common respiratory problems. Critically ill medical patients are admitted in a 12 bed well equipped intensive care unit. Critically ill patients receive high quality care with close monitoring and advanced life support systems ranging from mechanical ventilation to hemodialysis. There is a dedicated intensive care team under the faculty of Medicine with great experience and expertise in intensive in monitoring and resuscitation and other cinvasive procedures.

We are supported by super specialty departments like Nephrology, Neurology, Cardiology and TB & Chest diseases with all facilities for special investigations & treatment.

Special Clinic

Department conducts Endocrinology clinic every Monday and Tuesday. Patients are given comprehensive Endocrine &Diabetic care. Apart from this we also have hematology clinic, hypertension clinic and rheumatology clinics to provide high quality follow up care to those who need close monitoring.

Preventive Health Care Services and out reach activities

The Department of Medicine is also providing Preventive Health Care Services, which includes Annual Medical Check-ups, Pre-employment assessment, and Master Health Check-ups. The department is also actively involved in the Infection Control Programmes of the Institution. Click here for more details. 4-5 medical camps are run ever month as part of out reach program to reach the unreachable as part of our social responsibility to local citizens.

Staff and Student Health Services

The Department of Medicine takes care of the Staff & Student Health Services which includes Annual Medical Examination, inpatient and outpatient treatment of staff members and students who are ill.


The department is actively involved in clinical research and address important questions relevant to our country. There have been more than …. Peer reviewed publication from the department in the last 3 years from 2014-2017. The faculty is high experienced and provide technical support to under graduate students, Post graduate students and Junior faculty to undertake high quality medical research and practice Evidenced Based Clinical Care. The department is also involved in promoting research among undergraduate by encouraging them to take ICMR STS projects.

Dr.Kurien Thomas Professor & HOD
Dr. Georgi Abraham Professor
Dr.Ashok Kumar Das Professor
Dr. Milly Mathew Professor
Dr.Aneesh Basheer  Professor
Dr.Sudhagar.M Assoc. Professor
Dr.Vasanthy Assoc. Professor
Dr.Nayyar Iqbal Assoc. Professor
Dr.Ali Hasan Faiz Karnam Asst. Professor
Dr.Joseph Vimal Asst. Professor
Dr.Prem Kumar. G Asst. Professor
Dr.Chavada Ishan Jayendrakumar Asst. Professor
Dr.Maya Gopalakrishnan Asst. Professor
Dr.Lakshmi Sandhya S Asst. Professor
Dr.Venkataramanaiah Elluru Asst. Professor
Dr.Sumihtha Reddy Asst. Professor
Dr.Ravindhra Bharathi G Asst. Professor
Dr. Harini R Asst. Professor
Dr. Dayanandan J Asst. Professor