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Muthialpet Chunampet Anichakuppam Kalapet University

Department of Community Medicine of PIMS established along with other basic departments during 2002. There are six Health Centre functioning now actively, covering both Urban and Rural population in an around Pondicherry full-fledged medical care and Preventive Health Care been extended from the centres.

1. Urban Health Centre Muthialpet

• Urban health centre is located at Muthialpet area of Puducherry on east coast road (ECR), about 12 kms away from PIMS.

• It was established in 2002. It covers a population of 12,028. The field practice area comprises of 4 blocks (A, B, C & D).

• All the families in the area have been adopted and separate family folder with relevant health related information for each family has been maintained and updated at a regular interval of 3 months by our health staff.

• All these data have been entered and maintained electronically also.

• The services provided by the centre can be classified as community and hospital based services.

o Community based services include daily house to house visits by the health staff and interns, referral of sick patients to the nearby hospital, health camps and health education on various topics like maternal & child health, communicable and non-communicable diseases etc.

o School health services have been provided to the schools located at our field practice area at regular intervals.

o Our centre has been participating in National Health Programmes like Pulse Polio Programme, RNTCP etc.

o In 2012, we adopted a tribal community residing at Narikoravar colony (Area D), Lawspet, Puducherry. This was named as Project Snehem. The main aim of this project is to promote the health of the tribal people using Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) interventions.

o Hospital based services include daily outpatient treatment, laboratory, counseling, referral services, and intermittent specialty and super-specialty clinics like obstetrics, pediatrics, nephrology, dental, cardiology etc.

o Ambulance service is available at our health centre.

Provision of health care services to government primary health centre

• Two medical officers and two interns are posted at government PHC, Muthialpet. It functions for 6 hours daily from 2 pm to 8 pm except Sunday. Obstetrician and pediatrician are providing consultation on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.
1Intern doing a minor procedure at UHC

2. Rural Health Centre Chunampet

It is established during 2002 and situated around 30kms away from PIMS. The Hospital is built on 5acre land in the village Chunnampet in Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu. The centre covers a population of 1 lakh for general services and 30,000 population for active services. We have adopted 6000 families in the nearby villages for the purpose. The hospital is having 10 beds 10 indoor beds X-ray facilities, Lab investigation facilities and Ambulance services with 24 hours Emergency care. The women and children are given priority care with daily Health visit by the Health purpose and monthly visit by the Doctors. All these specialists visit the centre every week. Regular free health camps are organized in the villages for Treatment, Immunization and Health Education. We also collaborate with the Government Primary Health Centre in delivering the services.

Community Health and Rural Training Hall:

With the generous donation from Malayala Manorama, a two storey Community Health and Rural Training Hall has been built within the RHTC – Chunampet campus. Many community health and rural developments programmes has been conducted including Medical Camps, Healthy Baby Show, World Health Day, School Health Programme, Medical Exhibition etc.

Community Health and Information Management System (CHIMS)

The centre is continuously collecting and maintaining the family and individual records since 1992. These records were computerized since 2014 which is named as CHIMS. Data were entered with the help of EPIDATA software. Each individual was assigned an eleven digit UID (Unique Identification Number) which is mandatory while collecting data. Social mapping of villages also done whose house numbers were interlinked with UID. By this each individual can be traced after collecting data, conducting study or for further intervention. This software programme may be shared on request for free of cost.

Senior Faculty Team in RHTC Chunampet
Interns delivering Health Education to School Children

3. Hope Medical Mission Hospital, Anichakuppam

The hospital was established in the year 2006 along the ECR road in the Anichankuppam village of Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu, about 5 kms from PIMS hospital. It is a 10 bedded hospital which is manned by a team of 19 staff members who work in two shifts. The health centre provides promotive, preventive and curative services to a population of about 10000 residing in 12 villages of the Marakkanam block. The hospital services provided by the health centre includes emergency medical treatment, medical consultation, minor surgical treatment, pharmacy, laboratory services, dental consultation and procedures. The health centre also has a weekly NCD clinic focusing on management of various Non-communicable diseases. The health centre also has one of its kind Herbal garden with about 30 herbs and plants with varied medicinal properties.

The community services which is rendered in the nearby villages of the Marakkanam block includes Maternal and child health services, provision of medicines for minor ailments, health education, drinking water quality analysis, referral services and chronic disease management. The community outreach services are provided by the field health staff on a daily basis and periodical visit by Medical Officer. Once a month free medical camp is organized in the field practice area where free consultation and medicines are provided and necessary referral to higher medical centres is done.

nachi naci3
1 Intern removing suture

4. Govt. PHC's Kalapet

Kalapet Health centre is 2kms away from PIMS. Primary Health centre of Government of Pondicherry has been handed over to us for Round the clock services by the department of Government of Pondicherry. Our Doctors, Pharmacists and staff nurses along with Lab technician and Health workers are working in the centres to provide medical cover Emergency services for the nearby community.

5. PIMS Health Centre Pondicherry University

It is 3kms away from PIMS. The Central university located in Pondicherry updated Health centre with facilities for indoor needs, Minor operations, Dental treatment , Labour room, covers, Labour services which has been taken over by PIMS recently. The specialist services covering Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Medicine, Surgery, Dental treatment and Skin are extended to all the families in university campus. Round the clock emergency services with a stand by ambulance are provided in the Health Centre.