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Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

 The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology of PIMS was started in 2002 under the leadership of able prolific and experienced doctors at Pondicherry, the French colonial marvel of south Asia in an eco friendly environment. It caters to population of the east coast of India, south wards from Chennai till the Southern India, with the unique code of mission, reaching the unreached bringing world class service at the door step of poor and rich on par.

Safe, ethical and patient-first policy are the basic principles of the Department.

The strength of the Department is the faculty who are friendly, considerate, with empathetic approach. More health oriented and prevention of disease.

Maternity care services- high risk pregnancy care are offered in the Department. The care of women with medical disease and co-morbidties are taken care at the high dependency unit. Intensive care unit with ventilator support and multi disciplinary approach makes pregnancy safe for high risk pregnancy with complications.

Painless labour with epidural analgesia is available at request. The dedicated neonatal services of the neonatologist and the Paediatric surgery team is the special boon which we would like to boast off. Preterm babies and growth restricted small babies found patronage under the neonatal unit thus providing awesome health shelter at their early blossoming stage of life along with the team. Thus the much longed procreative desire of many couples being fulfilled.

Genetic workup for women with bad obstetrics history and abnormal babies (congenital anomalies) is being provided by joint care with genetists; Karyotyping, single gene defects can be identified and reported under one roof for Holistic care.

We are also the pioneers and one of the very few centers even today which offers uterine artery embolization for management of uncontrolled postpartum haemonhage due to whatever reason (be it of uterine origin, or secondary to maternal soft tissue) is provided in the Department

Round the clock availability of hematologist, blood bank, Anaesthesia and Radiological services give good support for multidisciplinary care.

Dr.  Mary Daniel Professor  & HOD
Dr.  Satish Korah Kuruvila Professor
Dr. Padma. A Professor
Dr.  Lal Bahadur Palo  Professor
Dr. Ravi Kumar Baura Professor
Dr. Tahmina.S Assoc. Professor
Dr. Preetha Gunasekaran Asst. Professor
Dr. Anitha V Asst. Professor

Less invasive methods for managing heavy menstrual bleeding and fibroid uterus is available in the Department.

Urogynaecological problems of women, complex pelvic floor repair surgeries are performed with utmost care.

Hospital also offers infertility services to women desirous of pregnancy. The department has an IUI lab and provides low cost infertility service to women who are unable to spend for costly ARTechniques.

 Gynaecology related endoscopy service are offered at very reasonable cost to all category of patient there by providing early recovery and less pain from major gynaecology surgeries.

Family welfare services, lap sterilizations, Vasectomy, MTP service, LNGS/IUCD insertion, contraceptive counseling, undertaken and it has been approved by the Government welfare schemes with insurance.

 Tamil Nadu Government Chief Minister health scheme is approved in our Department.Necessary surgeries can be performed under insurance coverage.

Cancer screening for cervix and breast undertaken with includes Pap smear, HPV testing, colposcopy, mammography and tumor markers and Cancer prevention vaccine for cervix is available.

Endocrinology related menstrual abnormalities and Adolescent girls health initiatives are taken care of in association with endocrinologist and paediatrician. Menopausal women health care, prevention of osteoporosis and health promotion in elderly women.

The Department offers training to young graduates and postgraduates imparting the necessary skills and scientific knowledge and encourages research.

Research Projects on several womens health issues like genital tubrerculosis, gestational diabetes mellitus ,contraception, HPV deduction are being carried out which has got good recognitions as early pioneer studies by peer groups.

School health, college girls health talk, Social camps at rural and urban centers is being done as part of health promotion and prevention of disease.

Rare cases:

-  Very large fibroid 12 kg

-  Quadruplets vaginal delivery with good perinatal outcome

 - Conservative approach for germ cell tumour in an adolescent girls who completed reproductive career by
    delivery of a normal baby later on

 - Conservative treatment for very high risk ectopic gestation interstitial ectopic and cervical ectopic

- Cancer deducted in pregnancies and referred to oncology centre for treatment.