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Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology
Department of Orthopaedics was started in the year 2002 with an aim of providing holistic orthopaedic care under one roof. Since then we have carried out more than 14,000 major surgeries including surgeries involving hip and knee replacements , spine , Arthroscopy , Paediatric trauma, simple and complex trauma, etc., .

We have emerged as a major tertiary referral trauma centre over a period of time. Apart from this we are also one of the important fully MCI recognised PG teaching institute in Pondicherry nurturing young orthopaedic surgeons to perform with confidence.

The department has trained 8 DNB doctors and 18 MS Orthopaedic surgeons till date. The department also boasts of numerous national and international publications to its credit. Our Department runs sub – specialty Clinics such as Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy, Spine, Paediatric orthopaedics, Fracture clinic etc on various days in the week. Our department is fully staffed and equipped to deal with all types of orthopaedic problems.

Treatment Facilities

Joint Replacement Surgery (Primary hip and knee and Revision surgeries)

Arthroscopy and Sports medicine clinic (All sports related knee , shoulder, ankle and elbow injuries involving the ligaments , muscles , tendons and bones. Latest Arthroscopic Equipments are available to deal with ligament reconstructions such as ACL, PCL reconstructions, meniscal repair, cartilage repair, shoulder arthroscopy , rotator cuff, repair , Slap repair etc.,

Spine Surgeries: The whole array of Spine surgeries are performed by national and international trained spine surgeons. We are the first centre in the region to perform the following break through spinal procedures

- Kyphoscoliosis correction with hemivertebra resection ‘
- Minimally invasive discectomy
- Minimally invasive spinal fusion
- Vertebroplasty / kyphoplasty
- Occipitocervical surgeries
- We perform all sorts of complex and revision spine surgeries in a dedicated spinal disorders unit.

Deformity Corrections, Limb lengthening procedures and Ilizarov Procedures.

Complete Trauma Care: 24 x 7 availability of senior trained

faculty round the clock for Emergency surgeries. Round the clock plastic surgery and neurosurgery and vascular surgery teams are available for complex limb reconstruction procedure.



Two State-of-art Operation Theaters with Laminar air-flow and filters where filtered air enters the theatre from roof and is sucked out in the sides. This reduces the incidence of infection and meets the international standards for quality.

Remote – controlled motorised operation table, LED light sources.
Two dedicated orthopaedic C- arms.
One Emergency OT for open contaminated fracture fixation
One minor OT for minor Orthopaedic procedures

Dedicated 24 x 7 radiology department ,X- rays , CT, USG , Doppler , MRI etc.,

State of the art rehabilitation centre.


Out Patient department which runs from 8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M has a Minor OT and a dressing room with 2 beds and a POP Room in which the Casting Procedures are carried out for our patients.

Speciality Clinics such as Arthroplasty , Arthroscopy ,Spine and paediatrics orthopaedics

Emergency Service - 24 hours emergency services are available

Dr.Jayakumar B Professor
Dr.Dilip Kumar Patro Professor
Dr. Rajagopalan N Professor
Dr.Shishir Professor
Dr.Prince Solomon Assoc.Professor
Dr.Yuvaraja M Asst.Professor
Dr. Siva Swaminathan Asst.Professor
Dr. Naveen Sake Asst.Professor
Dr. Mahidar Reddy Asst.Professor
Dr. Shuaib Ahmed Asst.Professor































Elective Services

Carried out in a separate Theatre Complex dedicated to orthopaedic department, which has functioning C-Arms, Laminar air flow system and with all the modern equipments in the theatre.

All kinds of elective surgeries like Joint Replacement, Fracture fixations, spinal surgeries, paediatric and arthroscopic surgeries are carried out daily.

Emergency Services

All kinds of 24 x 7 emergency trauma service is being provided by our department along with the help provided by the other specialties like Plastic surgery, General surgery, Neuro surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery, Vascular and Faciomaxillary surgery departments.

Emergency surgical care is being given in a separate theatre complex, meant for emergency service which has two theatres and emergency ICU.

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State-of-the-art Orthopaedics Operation Theatre