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Department of Physiology
The Department of Physiology has been function since the inception of Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences in 2002. It is situated on the first floor of the Basic Sciences Research & Training Block of P.I.M.S. The Department is recognized for training of students of MD, MBBS, B.Sc. (Nursing) and Medical Records Technology, and, for a period,had trained students of M.Sc. Medical Physiology also. It has several well-equipped laboratories for undergraduate and postgraduate training and research.

Hematology Laboratory: This laboratory is well equipped with individual microscopes and other equipment allotted to each student. Principles of Universal Safety Precautions are practiced strictly in our Hematology Laboratory.

Clinical Physiology Laboratory: This laboratory provides facilities in human practical experiments related to cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. The equipment available include electrocardiographs, spirometers, Benedict Roth apparatus, perimeters, ophthalmoscopes, Mosso’sergograph, bicycle ergograph etc. Four, two and single channel Physiographs are also available for group practical work.

Research Laboratory: The research laboratory is equipped with computerized spirometer, motorized treadmill, polygraphs for demonstration of and research on electroencephalography, electromyography, nerve conduction studies, electrooculography, electrogastrography, heart rate variability, body composition analysis, reaction time recording, sudomotor function etc.

Mammalian and Amphibian Laboratories: These laboratories are equipped for performing traditional mammalian heart, intestine and uterus experiments and amphibian heart and nerve-muscle experiments. Additionally, facilities are also available for simulated mammalian and amphibian experiments and mounted graphs from such experiments.

Yoga Laboratory: This laboratory caters to patients, staff and students for medically relevant practices of meditation and asanas.

Sleep Laboratory: This state of the art laboratory is equipped to perform Level I polysomnography on patients as well as a part of research and is involved in sleep diagnostic and therapeutic titration studies as well as studies such as Multiple Sleep Latency Test, Maintenance of Wakefulness Test and Video EEG recording on a regular basis.

Other facilities: The department is also equipped with two large demonstration rooms with all audio-visual equipment required for undergraduate and postgraduate training and library cum seminar room with more than a hundred books of relevance to Physiology training.
Dr. Subhasis Das  Professor & HOD
Dr. Paramita Bhattacharyya Professor
Dr. Jaideep J Rayapudi Assoc. Professor
Dr.Rajesh Janito Fernandes Assoc. Professor
Dr. Sathya G.R Assoc. Professor 
Dr. Rekha. D Asst. Professor
Dr. Sathiyamoorthy Asst. Professor
Dr. Karthika Jyothish. U Asst. Professor
Dr. Jalli Shanti Sudha Asst. Professor
Physiology Lab
Physiology Lab











The Motto of Team Physiology: CURING THE FOUNDATION

Vision / Goal:To provide individualized care so as to lay a strong foundation for an empathetic and competent physician of first contact or an expert in the art and science of Physiology

Mission statement / Objectives:

  • To utilize departmental time and beyond for the effective training of UG & PG students
  • To conduct ethical standalone or collaborative research, within the institution or in the community and attempt to publish the same
  • To maintain an ambience of camaraderie, cooperation, collaboration and restrained concern among the team members, so as to project ourselves as role models for those whom we train

Objectives – ongoing:

  • To introduce flipped classrooms for our undergraduate students with continuous formative assessment – more comprehensive in 6 months
  • To introduce skill competencies (accurate measurement of blood pressure and pulse)
  • To introduce clinically oriented practical training and modify practical assessment with this objective

Objectives – 6 months:

         To introduce individualized teaching experiences running simultaneously

         To introduce a comprehensive Learning Management System for students / parents / faculty

         To train undergraduates for ongoing extramural academic quizzes and programs - at least 1

         To introduce MiniCEX for assessment and training of undergraduate and postgraduate students in clinical areas - at least 2 sessions per year

         To conduct at least 5 research projects per year and attempt to publish at least 3 per year

         To encourage faculty team members to train as BLS / ACLS – Provider & Trainer to assist MEU / Anaesthesiology in starting AHA-certified BLS / ACLS Training Center in P.I.M.S.

Objectives – 1 year:

  • To conduct 1 workshop based on sleep technology / electrophysiology / somatotyping
  • To introduce a sleep technicians’ training course
  • To introduce and provide standardized and scientifically validated yoga / exercise training for students / staff / faculty / patients

Objectives – 5 years:

  • To start an autonomic function laboratory (for patients)
  • To start a membrane physiology laboratory (with patch clamp) – dependent on funds
  • To start an animal research laboratory (with stereotaxy equipment) – dependent on funds
  • To start a “Sleep Medicine Unit”