Department of Anatomy

Anatomy Department is one of the best and efficient departments in Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences. It has very eminent and experienced set of teaching faculty. It is housed in the ground floor of the Basic Sciences Block.

The Department has a big Dissection hall to accommodate 150 students. The hall is provided with special exhaust duct system, public addressing system and a computer projection system. There is enough facility to accommodate 50 cadavers and necessary dissected specimens within the Dissection hall premises. Students are provided with teaching aids like bones, specimens, relevant atlas and power point display during their Dissection hall postings and monitored by seasoned faculty. Small group teaching is promoted by allotting 20-25 students for each cadaver, under the guidance of a faculty. Cadavers are obtained through voluntary donation and through neighboring police stations. Embalming facilities are available to preserve the bodies. Students are also provided with individual lockers.

The Histology Lab is big enough to accommodate 80 students. Students have individual self illuminating light microscopes. There is a separate preparation room with all necessary facilities for processing fresh slides.

There are two air – conditioned Demonstration rooms to accommodate 75 students each and to facilitate small group teaching. There are audio visual teaching aids in each of the demonstration rooms.

We have an attractive and large Museum with a separate museum curator's room and a specimen preparation room. There are plenty of wet specimens, charts, models, pictures, skeletal sets and rotating X – ray lobbies on display. The displayed items are provided with adequate write ups to facilitate self directed learning. Various students from the neighboring educational institutions also visit the Museum to enrich their biology knowledge

Department Library


The Department has an attached seminar room and Library with more than 200 books and journals. Department is also attached with a Research Laboratory with adequate equipment, used by the Post Graduates and faculty for doing research. Multiple presentations are made by the faculty and students in various scientific forums and many accolades have been procured. There are adequate publications in peer renewed scientific journals. The department also holds annual national CME’s in Anatomy & Genetics which is attended by many from far and near.


The Genetics Division of Anatomy, established in 2016, has an OPD offering Clinical Genetics & counseling services as well as an NABL accredited Cytogenetics laboratory. The laboratory offers Karyotyping and Fluorescent-in-site Hybridisation (F.I.S.H) studies from blood & bone marrow samples. The division also facilitates linking of Genetic services with other reputed institutions and diagnostic laboratories.

The Department has adequate staff rooms and an office room. The Department has provision to admit PhD and two Post Graduates scholars, who are given adequate facilities to pursue their academics and research. The Medical students are trained through different modes of teaching-learning methods and they are encouraged to participate in curricular and extracurricular activities with presentations either as posters, models or oral sessions in various scientific meets and conduct research under ICMR STS and PIMS STS funds. Besides academic activities, various faculty members hold honorable posts in various administrative activities and various committees, both in the institution and outside.

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