Departments involved


1 09.01.15
Faculty Paper Presentation Scientific Society -
2 23.01.15
“The year that was ……..and hopefully will be!” Medical Education Unit Dr. Thomas Alexander
Dean MEU
Game Changers

“Robotic Renal Transplantation”
Urology Dr. R.P.Rajan
Professor of Urology
“New Ligament in the Knee” Orthopaedics Dr. Shishir
Assoc Prof of Orthopaedics
“Newer Vaccines & Drugs for Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases” Community Medicine Dr. Rajesh Kumar Konduru
Assoc Prof of Community Medicine
3 06.02.15
Game Changers - II   Chair Person

Dr. Kurien Thomas , Professor & HOD of Medicine

Dr. K.V.Krishnan
Professor of CTVS
“Dengue fever hope in the horizon” Medicine Dr. Kurien Thomas , Professor & HOD of Medicine
“Epigenetic clock of aging” Biochemistry Ms.Meenakshi,
Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
“ISIS” Paediatrics Dr.Vikneswari Karthiga, Assistant Professor of Paediatrics
“Recent advances in Neurosurgery” Neurosurgery Dr.Hari V.S,
Associate Prof of Neurosurgery
“Hitting the bull’s eye for survival” Pathology Dr.Indira (PG)
Dr. Susy Kurian (Professor), Pathology
“Rituximab in Dermatology” Dermatology Dr. C. Vijay Krishna, Assistant Professor of Dermatology
“da Vinci – From artist to surgeon” OBG Dr.Tahmina.S,
Assistant Professor of OBG
4 13.02.15
Faculty Paper Presentation Scientific Society -
5 20.02.15

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr. Sharad Ramdas, Professor & HOD of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr.  P.P. Lingam,
Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Dr.  Naveen Kumar H.R., Assistant Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Ophthalmology Dr. Basil George, PG Ophthalmology
Pathology Dr. Indra. G,
PG Pathology
Radiology Dr.  Gopinath. L,
 PG Radiology
ENT Dr.  Vijay Stephen, Assistant Professor of ENT
Dental Dr.  Rajaram. S., Associate Professor of Dental
6 27.02.15
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
7 06.03.15
“Recent Advances in Cardiology” Cardiology Dr.  Mark Christopher A,
Professor of Cardiology
“Cardiac Renal Syndrome” Nephrology Dr. Sanju Rajappan,
Asst Prof of Nephrology
“Ceftolozane + Tazobactam” Pharmacology Dr. J. Jayasheela ,
PG Pharmacology
8 13.03.15
Faculty Paper Presentation Scientific Society -
9 20.03.15
             GUEST CME

“Arthroplasty – Current Trends”


Dr. Vernon Lee
HOD Orthopaedics, CMC Vellore
“What if ………….”   Dr. Thomas Alexander
10 24.03.15
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
11 17.04.15
“Humanities in Medicine – A Personal Voyage”

Medical Education Unit
Dr. Mario Vaz
Head of Humanities and Health St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore
‘Humanities in Medicine at PIMS – The Beginning of a Journey’ Dr. Manjiri Phansalkar
Coordinator – Humanities in Medicine PIMS
12 08.05.15
ROME positing Presentation Scientific Society -
13 15.05.15
“PG symposium on Diabetes Mellitus” Chair Person

Dr. A.K.Das
Professor of Medicine
Gestational diabetes mellitus and pregnancy OBG Dr.Jenifer Vani,
Diagnosis, Applied Physiology and monitoring Biochemistry Dr. Moonishaa.T.M ,
PG, Biochemistry,
Management of Diabetes Mellitus-oral and injectable Medicine Dr. Philip Koshy Vaidyan, PG, Medicine
Diabetes and the Eye Ophthalmology Dr. Rosu George Mathew, PG, Ophthalmology
Diabetic vascular complications, diagnosis and managements Medicine Dr. Kiran G Kulirankan,
PG, Medicine
“Urethral Catheterization” Urology Dr. N.Vijayasankaran,
Prof of Urology
14 22.05.15
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
15 05.06.15
“Second childhood”……now it is your turn!
Introduction   Dr. Thomas Alexander
“Life begins after 65” Community Medicine Dr. Stalin Prabhakaran
Asst Prof of Community Medicine
“We remember when they forget” Psychiatry Dr. Pradeep Thilakan
Prof of Psychiatry
“Spirituality and ageing"   Rev. Anand Peacock
“Delaying ageing”- Hope or Hype? Medicine Dr. Aneesh Basheer
Asst Prof of Medicine
”What if ….?” Urology Dr. R.P Rajan
Prof of Urology
16 12.06.15
Faculty Paper Presentation Scientific Society -
17 19.06.15
Don’t be naughty! Prevent CAUTI!! Chair Person

Dr. N.Vijayasankaran
Prof of Urologye
Introduction Urology Dr. R.P Rajan
Prof of Urology
What is CAUTI? Microbiology Dr. Johny Asir
Asst Prof of Microbiology
Prevention Urology Dr. Chandan Phukan
Asst Prof of Urology
Plan of Action Urology Dr. R.P Rajan
Prof of Urology
Implementation Administration Dr. Udit B Das
Addl. Medical Superintendent
18 25.06.15
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
19 03.07.15
Dr.  Ashok Kumar Das
Dr.  Aneesh Basheer
Butterfly over the neck-what every surgeon must know Medicine Dr. Nayyar Iqbal
Asst Prof of Medicine
Metabolic thermostat-that makes a man leader OBG Dr. Lal Bahadur Palo
Assoc Prof of OBG
The telephonic diagnosis Physiology Dr. Pancy Lyall
Asst Prof of Physiology
How I treat hypothyroidism Anatomy Dr. N.A.Priyadarshini
Asst Prof of Anatomy
Gravid hypothyroid-extremely important but eminently treatable Medicine Dr. Vasanthi N
Asst Prof of Medicine
20 10.07.15
       (Guest CME)
Community Medicine Guest Speakers

Dr. Madanmohan T
Prof & Head, Dept of Physiology & Program Director, Centre for Advanced Yoga Therapy, MGMCRI

Dr. Vivek Kumar Sharma
Addl Prof, Dept of Physiology, JIPMER
21 24.07.15
Annual Internal Oration
“The Wondrous story of Anaesthesia”
Scientific Society Dr. T R Ramachandran
Prof of Anaesthesiology
22 14.08.15
Faculty Paper Presentation Scientific Society -
23 04.09.15
'Remembering Sackett'

David Sackett – Life & Philosophy
Medical Education Unit Dr. Thomas Alexander
Evidence Based Medicine – What & Why Medicine Dr. Kurien Thomas
Prof & HOD General Medicine
EBM at PIMS – Ways & Means Dr. Aneesh Basheer
Assoc Prof of General Medicine
24 11.09.15
Postgraduate Presentation Scientific Society -
25 18.09.15
“Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome” Physiology Dr. Subhasis Das
Prof of Physiology
Pulmonary Medicine Dr. King Herald Kisku
Prof & HOD of Pulmonary Medicine
Otorhinolaryngology Dr. Jayita Poduval
Assoc Prof of Otorhinolaryngology
Dentistry Dr. Sajani
Prof & HOD of Dentistry
Case report – neglected acute compartment syndrome Orthopaedics Dr. Abey Thomas Baby, Senior Resident of Orthopaedics
26 25.09.15
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
27 09.10.15
An Overview of Moodle Paediatrics Dr. Peter Prasanth Kumar Kommu
Professor of Paediatrics
Moodle utilization for PG training OBG Dr. Satish Korah Kuruvila
Professor of OBG
Moodle utilization for PG training Dermatology Dr. Sheela Kuruvila
Professor of Dermatology
Moodle utilization for UG and PG training College of Nursing Dr. Malarvizhi
Vice Dean-CON
Under-reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions Pharmacology Dr. C.H.Manjunatha
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Role of 3D printing in Medicine and Surgery Endocrine Surgery Dr. Himagirish Rao
Assistant Professor of Endocrine Surgery
The GPS of the Brain Physiology Dr. Subhasis Das
Professor of Physiology
Neutropenia – Oculo-cutaneous Albinism Pathology Dr. Rufus K Sam Vargis
PG Pathology
28 16.10.15
Guest CME
World Spine Day-An Overview Orthopaedic Surgery Prof. James J Gnanadoss
Head of Division of Spinal Disorders, Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery
Role of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation PMR Mr .I.Srikanth
Assistant Professor of PMR
Principles of Management of Spinal Problem Orthopaedic Surgery Dr. Prince Solomon
Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Resolving Spinal Problems and Advancements in its Management Orthopaedic Surgery Prof. Rajagopal
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery,
Indira Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute
29 23.10.15
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
30 30.10.15
Scientific Society Day Scientific Society -
31 06.11.15
Guest CME

“Fellow Travelers”
Dr. George Kurien
Professor & Head, Gastroenterology

Dr. Reba Kanungo
Professor & Head, Microbiology
Overview of PANDA-4 Paediatrics Dr. Lalitha Krishnan
Professor & Head, Pediatrics, PIMS
Who is in Control? Dr. Peter Prasanth
Professor Pediatrics, PIMS
Human Microbiome the last frontier of microbial research   Dr. Balamurugan. R
Assoc Professor of Biochemistry, PRIST
“Gum to Burn” you are a super organism   Dr. B.S.Ramakrishna
Adjunct Professor, Yale University School of Medicine Director, Institute of Gastroenterology, SRM
Challenging old Paradigms Gastroenterology Dr. Thomas Alexander
Assoc Professor, Gastroenterology, PIMS
32 13.11.15
THE COST OF LIFE… PIMS Scientific Society Dr. Kurien Thomas
Prof & Head of Medicine, PIMS

Dr. JV Peter
Prof & Head of Intensive Care, CMC, Vellore

Dr. Thambu David
Prof of Medicine, CMC, Vellore
33 20.11.15
“Awareness regarding Organ Transplantation” Forensic Medicine Dr. Sunil Subramanyam
Assistant Professor of Forensic Medicine
“Certification of Cause of Death” Dr. Joshima Janardhanan
Assistant Professor of Forensic Medicine
34 27.11.15
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -