Departments involved


1 08.01.16
“The dangerous safety pin” Scientific Society Dr.Reba Kanungo
Dr.Sheela Devi.C
Dr.Aneesh Basheer
2 09.01.16
Oculoplasty Fest
(Guest CME)
3 22.01.16
Sometimes in life it’s OK to be “The Biggest Loser”
(Guest CME)
General Surgery Dr.Rajkumar Palaniappan (Apollo Hospitals, Chennai)
4 05.02.16
“Challenges to TB Care in India”
(Special CME)
General Medicine -
5 09.02.16
“Let's Move Mindfully”
"Let's Eat Mindfully"
(Special CME)
- Dr. Alex Zachariah
Former Professor of Medicine, PIMS
Former Principal, CMC Ludhiana
6 11.02.16
“The Leprosy Conundrum - Challenges and Strategies”
(Special CME)
Dermatology Dr. Sunil Anand
The Leprosy Mission
7 12.02.16
PG Paper Presentation Scientific Society -
8 19.02.16
“The brain in love – exploring the abstractness”
Anatomy Dr. Dinesh Kumar V,
“The true colors of enlightenment”   Aravind Adarsh P, Medical Student
“The Olympics are going viral in


Community Medicine
Dr. Somanath Padhi,
Dr. Stephen Mathew,
Dr. Muthukumar T,
Community Medicine
9 26.02.16
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group  
10 04.03.16
“The Sound of Silence” ENT Dr. Lakshana Deve V.M, PG ENT
Dr. Jayita Poduval,
Assoc Prof of ENT
“Illuminating the Brain” Psychiatry Dr.  Tejus Murthy,
Asst Prof of Psychiatry
“Plumbing in Stroke” Neurology Dr. Vishnu V.Y,
Asst Prof of Neurology
11 11.03.16
Paper Presentation Scientific Society -
12 18.03.16
Tracheostomy - Introduction ENT Dr. Roshan Marie Thomas, PG ENT
Procedure of open Tracheostomy Dr. Nishanth Savery M, Asst Prof of ENT
Complication of Tracheastomy & Post operative care Dr. Jishana J,
Senior Resident ENT
Tracheostomy Dr. Shilpa Divakaran,
Asst Prof of ENT
Home care for Tracheostomy Dr. Joemol John,
Decannulation in Tracheostomy Dr. Jayita Poduval,
Assoc Prof of ENT
Panel discussion on Tracheostomy Dr. Mary Kurien,
Prof of ENT
Panel discussion on Tracheostomy General Medicine Dr. Kurien Thomas,
Prof of General Medicine
Panel discussion on Tracheostomy Emergency Medicine Dr. Ali Hasan Faiz Karnam,
 Emergency Medicine
Percutaneous of Tracheostomy Dr. Shemin Kovammal, Junior Resident Emergency Medicine
Panel discussion on Tracheostomy Nursing Dept. Mr.Vinay Kumar, Department of Nursing
Panel discussion on Tracheostomy Anaesthesiology Dr. P.Nagalakshmi,
Asst Prof of Anaesthesiology 
13 14.04.16
Rome posting by UG students Scientific Society -
14 15.04.16

Guest CME
“IRON – Basics to Clinics”
Systemic and cellular iron homeostasis: “Iron”ing out the details Biochemistry Dr. Joe Varghese
Assoc Prof,
CMC, Vellore
Iron deficiency Anemia in OBG OBG Dr. Lal Bahadur Palo
Assoc Prof of OBG
Role of Pathology in diagnosis of Iron deficiency Anemia Pathology Dr. C.M.Kiran
Assoc Prof of Pathology
15 22.04.16
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group  
16 06.05.16
“Chronopharmacology” Pharmacology Dr. Manjunatha,
Assoc Prof of Pharmacology
Physiology Dr. Jaideep J Rayapudi, Assoc Prof of Physiology
Pharmacology Dr. Aravinda Kumar,
Asst Prof of Pharmacology
General Medicine Dr. Nayyar Iqbal,
Asst Prof of Medicine
17 13.05.16
Presentations of research projects by PIMS Faculty members Scientific Society -
18 20.05.16
“Left atrial myxoma” General Medicine Dr. Karun Thomas, Department of General Medicine
“Yummy Winks: Marcus-Gunn Jaw-Winking Syndrome” Paediatrics Dr. Neethu Krishna,
CRRI Paediatrics
“Child with port-wine stain (sturge weber syndrome)” D. Mohana Nidhila,
CRRI Paediatrics
“Bedside staged repair of Gastroschisis using blood collection bag” Paediatrics Surgery Dr. Pavithra,
Department of Paediatric Surgery
“Bedside staged repair of Gastroschisis using blood collection bag” Dr. Ramya,
Department of Paediatric Surgery
“Stone in the stomach” General Surgery Dr. Santhosh , Department of General Surgery
19 27.05.16
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
20 10.06.16
Presentations of research projects by Postgraduates Scientific Society -
21 17.06.16
“Déjà vu of Intern’s Presentations”
Papilloedema Dr. Siddhant J.Thampi, CRRI
Stem Cells Dr. Sony T Jacob, CRRI
Hyperkalemia Dr. Insha Mushtaq Banday, CRRI
Central Venous Cannulation Dr. Chinnu Mariam, CRRI
Ichthyosis Dr. Vivekanandan.J, CRRI
22 23.06.16
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
23 01.07.16
“Polytrauma –recent advances in management”  
Orthopedics Dr. Yuvaraja
Asst Prof of Orthopedics
Radiology Dr. Prince Philip
Asst Prof of Radiology
Anaesthesiology Dr. Sivakumar
Asst Prof of Anaesthesiology
Emergency Medicine Dr. Lobzang
Emergency Medicine
24 08.07.16
The life saving App and Mission to reach the unreached - 7th Semester Students
25 15.07.16

Guest CME
“Always Unique Totally Interesting Sometimes Mysterious”
Dr. Pradeep Thilakan, HOD, Psychiatry &
Dr. Mary Kurien, HOD, ENT
Colourful, beautiful and like the Rainbow they stand out- Early identification Psychiatry Dr. Parthasarathy,    Psychiatry
Worms and hot baths to Broccoli sprouts- a closer look at the novel approaches in treating Autism Paediatrics Dr. Preethi,
Child Specialist,              JIPMER
Raising a child with Autism Spectrum disorder Psychiatry Dr. Tejas Murthy,   Psychiatry
The world of Neurodiversity Paediatrics Dr. Rajarajan,        Paediatrics
26 20.07.16
Annual Internal Oration Scientific Society Dr. Thomas Alexander
Dean-Medical Education
27 22.07.16

Guest CME
“Clinico Pathologic Conference”     Chairpersons
Dr. Ashok Kumar Das,
Prof of Internal Medicine
Pulmonary Medicine Dr. King Herald Kisku,     Prof & HOD of Pulmonary Medicine
  Dr. Praveen Sandeep Raj .R, CRRI
General Medicine Dr. Susan Philip,          PG  Medicine
  Dr. T.Balamugesh,
Prof of Pulmonary Medicine, CMC ,Vellore
Radiology Dr. Shagufta Yasmeen, Asst Prof of Radiology
Pathology Dr. Anita Ramdas,
Prof & HOD of Pathology
28 29.07.16
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
29 12.08.16
Presentation by Undergraduate students Scientific Society -
30 19.08.16
“Images in Medicine” General Medicine


Dr. Nayyar Iqbal
Asst Prof of General Medicine

Dr. Satyaki Ganguly
Assoc Prof of Dermatology

Dr. Gopinath.L
31 25.08.16
Alumni CME

“Basic characteristics of success”

Dr. Arun.K
“Being a Humanitarian Aid Worker – Surgeous in Conflict zones” Dr. Anitha Muthusami
“Medicos life beyond entrance 
Dr. Madhavan C
32 02.09.16

Guest CME
“National Eye Donation Fortnight”
Ophthalmology Dr. Rajesh
Consultant Ophthalmology
Aravind Eye Hospital

Aravind Eye Hospital
33 09.09.16
PIMS Faculty members presenting the findings of their research projects Scientific Society -
34 23.09.16

Dr. Ashok Kumar Das,
Prof of General Medicine & Endocrinology

Dr.Mary Daniel,
HOD & Prof of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Clinical features, Hormonal aberrations and differential diagnosis OBG Dr. Sneha Dhodapkar, Prof of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
General Medicine Dr.N.Vasanthi,
Asst Prof of Endocrinology
Medical Management of PCOS General Medicine Dr. Premkumar.G,
Asst Prof of General Medicine
Fertility induction, anti-androgenic & surgical management OBG Dr. Sneha Dhodapkar, Prof of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
35 29.09.16
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
36 07.10.16

Dr. Ashok Kumar Das,
Prof of General Medicine & Endocrinology
Bloody Business General Medicine Dr. Aneesh Basheer, Associate Prof of General Medicine
Transfusion Medicine Dr. S.Kingsley,
Asst Prof of Transfusion Medicine
General Surgery Dr. Angeline Neetha Radjou,
Assoc Prof of General Surgery
OBG Dr. Neelima Singh Chauhan,
Asst Prof of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
37 14.10.16
2nd Scientific Society Day and Annual External Oration Scientific Society -
38 21.10.16
“THE PRECIOUS LOSS….” Anatomy Dr. Magi .M,
Dept Of Anatomy
OBG Dr. Tahmina.S,
Dept Of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Anatomy Dr. Dineshkumar.V,
Dept Of Anatomy
39 26.10.16
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -
40 04.11.16

Cutaneous Paraneoplastic Syndromes

Dr. Siddhant J Thampi
Food and Fruit Eponyms in Dermatology Dr. Rebecca Philipose
An overview of Atrial Fibrillation Dr. Sarvesh Ramananthan R
41 09.11.16
Ill effects of drug abuse and addiction   Dr. A.Venkadesh Babu, IRS
Asst. Narcotics Commissioner
Central Bureau of Narcotics
42 11.11.16
PG Paper presentation Scientific Society -
43 18.11.16
Forensic Odontology – Truth By Tooth

Dr. Sajani Ramachandran
Professor of Dentistry

Dr. S.Rajaram
Assoc Prof of Dentistry

Forensic Medicine
Dr. Sunil Subramanyam
Asst Prof of Forensic Medicine

Dr. Joshima Janardhanan
Asst Prof of Forensic Medicine

Dr. Sheryl Suares
Asst Prof of Forensic Medicine
44 24.11.16
(Special CME)
  Dr. Vinod
Lead – Clinical effectiveness,
45 25.11.16
Mortality Audit CME Hospital Mortality Audit Group -