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Welcome to the Department of Welcome to the Forensic Medicine & Toxicology at Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)!

Our Fascinating Journey

Established in 2002, our department has been on an incredible journey. The department of Forensic Medicine is situated in ground floor and first floor of Basic Sciences block. It thrived under the visionary guidance of pioneering heads like Dr. Ravindran and Dr. Udit.B Das. Over the years, we've evolved into a nurturing ground for aspiring medical professionals.

A Comprehensive Learning Experience

At our department, we offer an all-encompassing education in Forensic Medicine and toxicology. Our curriculum dives deep into various aspects, including medicolegal examinations including autopsy and documentation. Our primary aim is to equip students with comprehensive knowledge, empowering them to confidently navigate diverse medicolegal challenges and conduct meticulous autopsies.

Range of Services We Offer

Autopsy Services

This is the only private institution in the state of Puducherry recognized by the state government for performing autopsies since 2003. The Department performs around 200 autopsies a year in addition to various crime scene visits and exhumations. These numbers are expected to increase in the coming years as the Department has carved a niche for itself as a high quality performance-oriented department in the entire union territory and in the neighboring districts of Tamil Nadu.

Embalming Services

The Department provides facilities for Embalming (Chemical preservation facilities) of dead bodies. The Department has extended its autopsy and embalming services to individuals of other nationality and the certificates issued by the department has been approved by various foreign countries for expatriation purposes.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Regular autopsies are conducted in a neat, well equipped mortuary complex, which rivals with the best in the country. Autopsies of decomposed bodies are performed separately in a well equipped open mortuary situated in a separate block opposite to main mortuary complex. It also has one of its kind unique cold storage facilities to preserve the dead bodies (Up to 16 dead bodies) that no other private medical colleges or a center in the state can boast of.

Discover Our Forensic Museum

Step into a world of intriguing discoveries at our Forensic Museum! Explore a diverse collection of specimens, weaponry, poisons, and captivating photographs. It's not just an educational hub for our students; it's an interactive experience open to the public, offering insights into our fascinating field.

Toxicology Lab & Student’s Research Lab

The department has started Toxicology lab and does testing for THC (Tetra hydro cannabinol) and will include testing for more poisons and drugs in the coming years. A well equipped student’s lab and a departmental library stocked with books of authors of national and international repute and up-to-date hard cover bound journals. They are meticulously crafted to facilitate comprehensive learning and skill development.

Thriving in Academia and Beyond

A striking number of our students consistently achieve distinction marks in the subject during university examinations. It's a testament to our commitment to academic excellence and our students' unwavering dedication. Our students have represented the department at various state, regional, and national scientific gatherings and won prizes at multiple events. The Department is involved in conducting regular workshops and Continuing Medical Education (CME) with external resource persons for the medical and non-medical fraternity.

Pushing Boundaries through Research

The passion for research runs deep in our department. Our distinguished faculty members are called as esteemed resource persons for various medico-legal events. Research works conducted by the faculties in the department have been published in various national and international indexed journals and they have presented their research work in various national and international conferences.


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Publication of Book Chapter:

Name of the Book: Medical Jurisprudence & Clinical Forensic Medicine: An Indian Perspective
Title of chapter: Medicolegal Aspects of Mechanical Wounds
Authors: Dr Sunil Subramanyam, Dr Joshima Janardhanan, Dr Ambika Prasad Patra
Publisher & Year of Publication: CRC publisher, 2023

Ongoing Extramural Funded Project
– Funded by International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Establishing Identity of the Dead Bodies through Fingerprints using Scientific and Macro photography Techniques. By Dr Sunil Subramanyam and Ms Kiruthiga U

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