The College of Nursing, PIMS is happy to announce the availability of PhD Nursing Program at PIMS for the year 2016 recognized by Pondicherry University (Ref: Letter No : PU/AW-CDC/2015-16/34 dt.15.02.2016).


National Health Policy(NHP) 2002 emphasizes the need to prepare nurses to function in super- speciality areas who are required in tertiary care institutions, entrusting some limited public health functions to nurses after providing adequate training, and increase the ratio of doctoral degree in nursing.

It is observed that there is an acute shortage of nursing faculty in under graduate, postgraduate and doctoral nursing courses in India.

Pondicherry University believes that as stated in the Indian Nursing Council.

Doctoral in nursing course is essential to prepare nurses to improve the quality of nursing education, research and practice in India.

Doctoral in Nursing course builds upon and extends competence acquired at the post graduate levels, emphasizes application of relevant theories into nursing practice, education, administration and development of research skills, enhance high morale and humane.

The course prepare nurses for scientific leadership position in nursing and health fields who can function as nurse specialist, consultants, educators, administrators and researchers in a vide variety of professional settings in meeting the National and International priorities involving health components designed by health care agency based on wholism and the changing needs of the society.

This course provides the basis for the post doctoral course in nursing. Further the course encourages accountability and commitment to lifelong learning which fosters improvement of quality care.


The aim of the doctoral in nursing program is to prepare post graduates to assume responsibilities as nurse specialists, consultants, educators, administrators and researchers in a wide variety of professional settings.


On completion of the doctoral in nursing program, the scholars will be able to

1. Utilize / apply the concepts, theories and principle of nursing science in research

2. Demonstrate advance competence in practice of nursing

3. Practice as a nurse specialist

4. Exercise leadership qualities and function effectively as nurse educator and manager

5. Demonstrate skill in conducting nursing research skillfully, interpreting and utilizing the findings from health related research

6. Exhibit the ability to plan and effect change in nursing practice and in the health care delivery system.

7. Establish collaborative relationship with members of other disciplines.

8. Involve with interest in continued learning for personal and professional advancement.

9. Associate in developing, implementing and evaluating National health care policies


Ph.D in Nursing has been constituted by Indian Nursing Council (INC) to promote doctoral education in various fields of Nursing.

Eligibility Criteria / Admission Requirements

1. Who can apply?

     a. Qualification (M.Sc (N) with 3 years of experience after PG and M.Phil (N)

     b. Previous study and research carried out.

     c. Particulars of the publications to his/her credit in accredited journals. (Attested copies to be furnished)

     d. Name and address of the Guide/Co-Guide under whom the candidate proposes to carry out research.

     e. Name of the department and institution where the candidate proposes to work and to conduct research.

     f. Title and synopsis of the proposed research work

Admission Proceedings

1. How to apply?

     a. Candidates in service shall forward application along with the consent of the guide with name, signature & seal and No objection Certificate from the Head of the Department and Head of the Institution where the candidate is working. (Place of work) while submitting the application along with the documents mentioned under schedule for the candidates.

     b. All applications received by the Institution on or before the stipulated time and date shall be placed before the Institutional Doctoral Committee Nursing (IDCN). The Committee shall examine the applications and after screening process shall recommend University for provisional registration within three months from last date notified for the receipt of applications.

     c. Provisional registration shall be effective from the date mentioned as the last date for payment of prescribed fees in the concerned speciality, for the selected candidate's fee once paid shall not be refunded.

     d. No candidate shall, without previous permission of the Ph.D. Registration, join any other course of study or appear for any other examination conducted by the Pondicherry University or any other University during the period of registration.

All eligible candidates should appear for an Entrance Examination conducted by the Institution

     e. Prior permission to be obtained from the Institutional Doctoral Committee (Nursing), if candidate wants to change place of work.


The Institutional Doctoral Committee will constitute of (i) Principal/Dean of Nursing, (ii) selected Senior Professors, (iii) Clinical expert (iv) Statistician. The Principal/Dean of Nursing will be chairperson of the Institutional Doctoral Committee Nursing. The invited members will serve for a period of 2 years.



A candidate can register for Ph.D (N) course on Full time basis or part time basis.

1. Full Time Program

A candidate should complete research work and submit the thesis to the University within three years from the date of provisional registration.

2. Part Time Program

     a. A candidate should complete research work and submit the thesis to the University within five years from the date of provisional registration.

     b. Maximum period for submission of thesis will be five years from the date of provisional registration for full time and seven years for part time subject to the permission from the Ph.D. Registration on the recommendations of the guide and with the approval of the Institutional Doctoral committee (Nursing). There will be no provision for further extension of the period.

     c. Under extraordinary circumstances, affecting a student warranting extension of period after submission of thesis, the student should submit an application to the Registrar (Evaluation) through the guide who will refer the same to the Institutional Doctoral committee (Nursing) for its opinion, which will be submitted to the Pondicherry University.