Current research work

Faculty Projects

  1. Immediate outcome of Very Low Birth Weight infants in a tertiary care NICU.
    In Process. Dr Poornima
  2. Study on Clinical Outcome of Scrub Typhus in children. In process. Dr.RashmiKullu
  3. To study the Clinical profile of children presenting with Dengue fever in a tertiary care center, Puducherry. In process. Dr.NishanthRajan, Dr. Priya Jose
  4. Is Head to Chest circumference ratio a better detector of macrosomia in Infant of Diabetic Mother?Completed. Dr Priya Jose.
  5. Efficacy of blood pressure/height ratio in screening for hypertension in children aged 10-16 years. Completed. Dr Jomol Sarah John
  6. A study of late preterm morbidities. Completed. Dr Poornima Kumar.
  7. Perinatal factors affecting cord TSH. Completed. Dr Manasi Garg
  8. Different Race- Different Normogram!! It’s time for change. Completed. Dr.NishanthRajan.

Postgraduate Thesis

  1. Efficacy of transcutaneous bilirubinometry in predicting serum bilirubin levels in neonates. Completed. Pearl Mary Varughese, Dr Peter Prasanth Kumar, Dr Lalitha Krishnan.
  2. Association of mesenteric adenitis and abdominal pain in children from 5-14 years-a case control study. Completed. Dr Binchu Kurian, Dr Peter Prasanth
  3. To study the association between maternal breast milk sodium & early neonatal morbidity. Completed. Dr Mary Veena, Dr Lalitha Krishnan.
  4. Feeding Practises and Nutritional status of 1-2 year olds presenting to outpatient Department of a Tertiary Care Hospital. Completed. Dr Shakti Abhirami, Dr Lalitha Krishnan, Dr Majeti Srinivasa Rao
  5. Influence of Maternal Factors on cord blood lipid profile, a birth cohort study from a tertiary care hospital. Completed. Dr Nita Mariam Abraham, Dr Lalitha Krishnan.
  6. Serum zinc levels in children presenting with febrile seizures: a prospective case control study. Completed.Dr Janani Arul, Dr Peter Prasanth
  7. Cord blood and maternal serum anti-A and anti-B IgG antibody levels as a predictor of significant hyperbilirubinemia in newborn. Completed. Dr. Pramod,Dr Lalitha Krishnan
  8. Factors affecting exclusive breast feeding among working and non-working mothers. Completed. Dr. Kalaivani, Dr. M Srinivasa Rao.
  9. Aerobic fitness in Indian children aged 10 to15 yrs and its determinants. Completed. Dr.S.Balaji, Dr. Peter Prasanth.
  10. Cord blood albumin as a predictor for significant neonatal jaundice. In process. Dr Jaya Madhav Reddy, Dr Lalitha Krishnan
  11. Clinico-demographic profile of febrile seizures. In Process. Dr Jamuna, Dr Majeti Srinivasa Rao
  12. Association of anthropometric indicators and blood pressure between 8-12 years. In process. Dr Manimegalai, Dr Peter Prasanth

Undergraduate students Research


  1. Relation between infant feeding and infections during first 6 months of ages.
  2. S. Balaji, S. Pushparani.
  3. Girl- In a child’s perspective,
  4. Priya Ann Varghese, Peter Prasanth Kumar
  5. Prescription audit in the management of diarrhea.
  6. Andrew, Shujaath Asif
  7. Knowledge, Attitude, practise study on childhood vaccination.
  8. Nilesh Rao
  9. Correlation of maternal BMI with baby’s birth weight.
  10.  Pratap, ChaayaCalton


  1. The impact of sleep and eating habits on the anthropometry of the child. Vijaya Varman, Peter Prasanth Kumar
  2. Missed opportunities for immunization in a tertiary care hospital. Govardhanan, Shujaath Asif


  1. Do fast paced cartoons have an impact on young child’s immediate motor executive function. VijayaVinodhini, Dr. Peter Prasanth, Dr. MC Mathew
  2. Real and perceived problems in early initiation of breastfeeding in a baby friendly hospital- Shalini, Dr.Lalitha Krishnan


Can a questionnaire- based developmental screening tool predict school readiness in kindergarten children? MinitaRegy, Guide name: Dr. Peter Prasanth Kumar. K


I wish I were a smart phone in the world of physically “Hyper-Present” but psychologically absent parents- Celestia Mathew, Dr. Peter Prasanth Kumar. K


A study on prevalence of depression among adolescents in Pondicherry. Srinidhi, Dr Peter Prasanth Kumar

Publications (last 3 years)


Original articles

Krishnan L, Kommu PP, Thomas BJ, Akila B, Daniel M. Should delayed cord clamping be the standard of care in term low risk deliveries? A randomized controlled trial from a medical college hospital in South India. J Clin Neonatol2015;4:183-7

Case report

  1. Kumar P, Sanketh R, Krishnan L. Organophosporus compound poisoning in newborn. Indian J Child Health. 2015; 2(2):91-93..
  2. Peter R, Krishnan L, Anandraj V, Kuruvila S. Chikungunya in a newborn. J Clin Neonatol2015;4:145-6

Letter to the editor

1.Anjaly Koshy, Lalitha Krishnan. Cholera in a neonate: the curse continues. Indian J Child Health. 2015;2:147.


Original articles

1. Priya Jose, Peter Prasanth Kumar Kommu, Lalitha Krishnan, Nair MNG. Nebulized hypertonic saline for wheeze in children-randomized double blind control trial. Indian J Chest Dis Allied Sci 2016;58:237-240

Case report

1.Karthiga V, Kommu PP, Krishnan L. Perinatal chikungunya in twins. J PediatrNeurosci 2016; 11:223-4

Letter to editor

Krishnan L. Author’s reply. J Clin Neonatol2016;5:70


Original articles

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  7. Daniel Jayaraj, Poornima Kumar, Peter Prasanth Kumar Kommu, Lalitha Krishnan. Significant weight loss and hypernatremia in exclusively breast-fed neonates. Int J Contemp Ped 2017;5:151-55
  8. Case series

  9. Pinapala A, Garg M, Kamath N, Iyengar A. Clinical and genetic profile of Indian children with primary hyperoxaluria. Indian J Nephrol2017;27:222-4
  10. Letter to editor

  11. Garg M, Rajan N, Dhua A, Krishnan L. Malpositioned central line in a neonate presenting as superficial abdominal abscess.JNeonat Surg. 2017;6:24


Original articles

  1. Pearl Mary Varughese, Nishanth Rajan, Manikandan Mani, Lalitha Krishnan. Race Specific Nomograms: time for change? Int J ContempPediatr2018;5:420-426.
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