Special Services

Special services for children

The following special services are offered by various specialities in the Pondicherry Institute of Medical sciences for pediatric age group (0-18 years)
Children requiring any of the above services will be first screened and evaluated in pediatrics department and referred accordingly.

Cardiology DASD , PDA, VSD device closure, balloon pulmonary/aortic valvuloplasty, coarctation of aorta balloon dilatation and stenting, balloon atrial septostomy, PDA stenting, diagnostic cardiac catheterization
Cardiothoracic surgery Closure of PDA , ASD, VSD. All types of heart valve replacements. Lung surgery.
Dental Restoration of deciduous and permanent carries teeth , fluoride treatment , pulpotomy, pulpectomy , space maintainers, habit breaking appliances , extractions, composite filling for discoloured teeth , crowns for root canal treated teeth , pit and fissure sealants for initial carries
Dermatology  Acne, eczema, allergic and other skin rashes, dandruff, ringworm, fungal infections
ENT Adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, ear piercing, diagnostic nasal endoscopy, fibre-optic bronchoscopy, ear syringing, ear lobe repair, foreign body removal, hearing, speech and language assessment. Hearing screen using OAE for newborns. BERA test.
Endocrinology  Type 1 diabetes mellitus, thyroid problems, metabolic bone disease.
Gastroenterology Endoscopy , foreign body removal, evaluation of abdominal pain, chronic diarrhea
Neonatal and Pediatrics Intensive care for all children and newborns, Newborn screening, Tandem mass spectroscopy, specialty clinics
Nephrology Nephrotic syndrome, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, antenatal hydronephrosis, peritoneal and hemodialysis
Obstetrics & Gynecology Evaluation for delayed puberty, menorrhagia and anemia, vaginal injuries. Vaccines to prevent cervical cancer.
Ophthalmology Screening for retinopathy of prematurity, vision, minor surgeries, foreign body removal
Orthopedics Club foot, joint infections, injuries, deformity corrections, painful hip, scoliosis
Pediatric surgery Liver, kidney, testes, penis, hernia, hydrocele, stomach, intestines, anus surgeries.
Plastic surgery All congenital malformations of hand and face, leg, facial injuries both bony and soft tissue, cleft-lip and cleft palate repair

Outreach camps

The Department conducts over 25 camps every month. 5 camps are in the evening in nearby areas to help working parents bring their children for medical care. The remaining are held on need basis