1 09/08/2011 Single port Laparoscopic Surgery Dr. John Thanakaran
(Guest Lecture)Laparoscopic Surgeon
Biotinidase deficiency – clinching the diagnosis rapidly can make all the difference Ashwin
Giant cell arteritis – frequently heard of but, rarely seen Dr. Saloni Naresh Shah
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy related pulmonary oedema in myasthenic crisis. Uttara Swati Anand
A case report of an unusual case of alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma Dr.Jawahar
Dept of Pathology
2 09/09/2011 PET Scan Dr.G.SuriyaKumar
(Guest Lecture)
Penile abscess with priapism in a chronic liver disease patient Dr. Guru Prasath
Dept. of General Surgery
Study of health seeking behaviour and morbidity pattern of under five children in semi urban area of Kottakuppam, Tamil Nadu Dr. J. Venkatachalam
Dept. of Community Medicine
A case of Reinke’s oedema Dr. T. Gautham Srinath
Dept. of ENT
3 14/10/2011 Obstructive sleep apnea - a multi – system-multi-specialty disease of 21st century Dr. (Col) Rajput
(Guest Lecture)
Evaluation of antidepressant –like activity of Ellagic acid in swiss albino mice Dr.Vishnu Raj
Dept. of Pharmacology
Clubbing and Renal disease Dr.Prabitha EN
Dept. of Nephrology
4 11/11/2011 A cross – sectional study of post kala-azar dermal leishmanisasis Dr. Satyaki Gankuly
Dept. of Dermatology
Bilateral absence of musculocutaneous nerve Dr. Jayagandhi
Dept. of Anatomy
Variations in the formation of circle of Willis Dr. Bhavani Prasad G.
Dept. of Anatomy
A study of delirium in medically ill in- patients Dr. Nevin Mitchell
Dept. of Psychiatry
5 09/12/2011 Is atrial amyloidosis a substrate for atrialfibrillation ? Dr. Saloni Naresh Shah,
Dept. of Pathology
Prevalance of intra epithelial lesion in pap smear using immunocytochemistry Dr. Arivarasan,
Dept. of Pathology
Adequate pain relief for patients with trauma – the need for guideline based management. Dr. Balakrishnan
Dept. of Pharmacology
a clinicoepidemiological study of pyodermas in a tertiary care centre Dr. Prasanth V.V.,
Dept. of Dermatology
Antigen mapping-a prognostic indicator in epidermolysis bullosa Dr. Vikram kumar A .G. ,
Dept. of Dermatology
Profile of dermatological diseases in an university health centre in south India Dr. EapenThomas,
Department of dermatology
6 13/01/2012 Health care seeking behaviour of female patients with genital tuberculosis (fgtb) amongTB cases registered under rntcp in and around Puducherry Dr. Anil Purty
Dept. of Community Medicine
Non communicable diseases are no more a problem of rich Dr. Venkatachalam J.
Dept. of Community Medicine
Earthing defect: a cause for unstable hemodynamics Dr.Barani Selvan
Impact of ICD services on child health in rural population of Pondicherry Namratha
7 10/02/2012 Suicide prevention -New understanding, New hope Dr. Lakshmi Vijayakumar
Guest lecture
Mass drug administration (MDA) for elimination of lymphatic filariasis – perceptions of adult coastal population in Pondicherry Dr. Dinesh Dimri
Dept. of Community Medicine
Case report- emphysematous cystitis Dr. P. Vimalkumar,
Dept. of General medicine
Atypical presentation of Meckel’s diverticulum Dr. Sri Krishna Krishnamurthy
Dept. of General surgery
8 09/03/2012 Study on prevalence and factors influencing patient’s adherence to diabetic medications in Urban Pondicherry Dr. P. Stalin
Dept. of Community Medicine
Does functional tricuspid valve regurgitation affect early outcomes after mitral valve replacement Dr. Vigneshwaran. B,
Dept. of Cardio thoracic Surgery
Does single mediastinal chest drain predispose to pericardial effusion following open heart surgery Dr. K. Karthick
Dept. of Cardio thoracic Surgery
Successful repair of TOF in adult along with AVR and homograft PVR Dr. Krithikaa Sekar
Dept. of Cardio thoracic Surgery
9 11/05/2012 An interesting case of nasal myaisis Dr. Gautham Srinath,
Dept. of ENT
A clinical study of skin changes in pregnancy Ms. M. Aysha Beevi
A comparative study on lung function among elderly adults in rural and urban areas using spirometry Ms. Premalatha DM
An audit of fresh frozen plasma usage in a tertiary care centre at Pondicherry Ms. Heera T
Evaluation of chrom agar for the detection of Candida species from clinical specimens Ms. T. Dharameswari
Serodiagnosis of scrub typhus infection:
Comparison of IgM enzyme linked immune sorbent assay (ELISA) and Weil-Felix test
Ms. M Vigneshwari
An unusual vesical calculus Dr. K.Kanimozhy, Department of Urology
10 24/08/2012 Delayed presentation of congenital diaphragmatic hernia – a rare entity Dr. Krishna, Department of General Surgery
Study of prevalence of obesity among children in urban Pondicherry G. Smyrna
Analysis of pre-donation donor deferral in a tertiary care setting G. Dinesh
Health care seeking behaviour of Extra-pulmonary Tuberculosis (EPTB) including Female Genital Tuberculosis (FGTB) patients under RNTCP in Puducherry Ms. Garpagalakshmi.S
Audit of use of antibiotics and zinc supplement in childhood diarrhea Ms. Priyadarshini K
A comparison of the four different methods of detection of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Ms. Viyusha T.
Increasing prevalence of Enterococcus faecalis among clinical isolates and their susceptibility pattern in a tertiary care hospital Ms. Sarah Mammen
11 11/01/2013 Phenotypic and genotypic diversity among clinical isolates of Acinobacter in a tertiary care hospital Dr. S. Anandha Lakshmi
Involvement of GABAergic system in the anxiolytic - like effect of flavonoid ellagic acid in mice Mr. Vishnu Raj
Changing trend in antibiotic resistance patterns of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from a tertiary care hospital in South India Dr. Noel M Joseph
Phenotypic detection of ESBL metallo beta lactamase and Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase production Dr. Sheela Devi
Evaluation of protective effect of ellagic acid on sodium valproate induced sperm abnormalities in male Wistar rats Ms. Shweta O
Cyclin D1 expression in multiple myeloma correlated with clinico-pathological features Dr. Somanath Padhi
12 08/02/2013 Prevalence of hepatopulmonary syndrome and pulmonary hypertension in cirrhotic patients coming to PIMS S S Lothikha
Prediction equation for PEFR in asymptomatic adults in south Indian population in Puducherry Hariharan R
Do fast paced cartoons have an impact on young child’s immediate motor executive function Vijaya Vinodhini
The prevalence of overweight / obesity and their risk factors among students in selected professional colleges of Puducherry V . Vallishri
Prevalence and risk factors of peripheral neuropathy among type 2 diabetic patients in rural areas Sankari @ Mansa Devi
Evaluation of blood agar for isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from sputum samples Divya R
An update on Tuberculosis – recent advances Dr. Thomas Alexander
13 08/03/2013 Alert: Normal values of IgG4 levels in healthy Indian adults higher than previous reports R Pratheesh Chandran
Central venous catheter related blood stream infections in an intensive care unit setting Nevin Sabu Thomas
To assess real and perceived problems in early initiation of breastfeeding in a baby friendly hospital Shalini K
Knowledge attitude practice regarding breast cancer and its screening methods amongst staff nurses working in a tertiary care hospital. Niveatha
Level of awareness on refractive errors among ammetropic medical students in a Medical College in Puducherry Sandhiya R
Ocular complications of diabetes mellitus in accordance with the duration of diabetes Sasirekha S
14 12/04/2013 Tonsillar hematomas – an unusual presentation of acute leukemia. Dr. Nishanth Savery M
ROME posting presentations Medical Students
15 10/05/2013 Renal transplantation – why the physician should know about it? Dr. Georgi Abraham
16 12/07/2013 Determination of F wave index healthy adult males Dr. Sathya GR
Long Latency Response (LLR) of abductor pollicis brevis in the dominant and non-dominant hand of healthy adult males Dr. Hemamalini T
Comparison of oral sucrose with topical prilox in reducing pain due to intramuscular injections in term neonates – a double blind study Deepika Sriram
Effect of left & right nostril breathing on R-R intervals among healthy adult males Dr. Ashwini D
Effect of left & right nostril breathing on R-R intervals among healthy adult males Dr. Kavitha R
Variable presentation of a benign swelling Dr. Arun KV
17 20/09/2013 Annual Internal Oration – “The spine – an organ: from the Orthopaedician’s perspective.” Prof. James J Gnanadoss
18 11/10/2013  Prevalence of Haemophilus influenza colonizing the upper respiratory tract of healthy school children in Pondicherry Mamata Savanagouder
Multidrug resistant Streptococcus pneumoniae colonization in the throat of healthy school children in Puducherry Dr. Divya Suguna Jayakar
Detection of virulence factors and phenotypic characterization of Candida isolates from clinical specimens Nisha Vincy Jose
Is Berlin Questionnaire a better screening tool than the Epworth Sleepiness Scale for Indian patients with obstructive sleep apnoea? Dr. Madhavan C
19 08/11/2013 Annual Internal Oration – “Risk mitigation in patient safety in hospitals” Prof. T. S. Ravikumar
20 14/02/2014 A rare mimicker of lipoma. Dr. Sithara Venkateshwar
Pneumolysin and autolysin producing Streptococcus pneumoniae in invasive infection Dr. Ananadhalakshmi S
Home-based exercise program for frozen shoulder: follow up of 36 idiopathic frozen shoulder patients Dr. Shishir
21 08/04/2014 Colonic obstruction in early infancy : Report of an unusual presentation and role of viral colonoscopy DR. MANOJ. JOSHI , Department of Pediatric Surgery
‘Bombay’ Phenotype and Perioperative Blood sparing strategies DR. VIJAYALAKSHMI Department of Anaesthesia
Evaluation of Correlated integrated Teaching Programme among Undergraduate Medical Students DR. STALIN .P , Department of Community Medicine
From Malt to Marrow DR. SOMANATH
Department of Pathology
A unusual presentation of bladder Injury DR. R. P. RAJAN ,
Department of Urology
Duodenocutaneous Fistula – Innovative Management with Triple Tube technique DR. NIRMALKUMAR , Department of General Surgery
22 09/05/2014 Neuropharmacological Profile of Emblica officinalis in experimental animals Dr. Aravinda Kumar
Department of Pharmacology
Bizarre case of Acute Intestinal Obstruction Dr.Mohnish.P
Department of Radiology
Epithelial – Myoepithelial Tumor – A rare type of parotid malignancy Dr. Dr. M. Rajavel
Department of General Surgery
“Bend it like Lincoln” Dr. Sri Krishna Sai
Department of Pathology
Dr. Deepika Sriram
Department of CTVS
Breast Milk is the best formula for feeding – A report of preterm with advanced NEC Dr. Daniel Jayaraj
Department of Paediatrics Surgery / Paediatrics
Black Coloured Urine Following Organophosphorus Poisoning : Report of two cases Dr. Kiran Kulirankal
Department of General Medicine
23 13/06/2014 Damage control in colo rectal surgery (A CASE REPORT) Dr. Nirmal Kumar
General Surgery
Entering the Gist (Fistulizing form of GIST): first of its kind Dr. B. Vinoth
Baby's Day out Dr.Thomas K. John
Osteoma in ENT - 2 case reports Dr. A. C. Sharma
Throw in the Towel - unusual presentation of uterine septum Dr. Ami Gajera
Obstetrics & Gynecology
24 04/07/2014 Prevalence of color blindness in school children and the parents of affected M. ASHWIN
Level of Awareness About Eye Donation Among the People of Puducherry INDHU JANANANI. R
Cross Sectional Study on Risk Factors, Knowledge , Attitude and Practice of dengue Among Adult Population in Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences , Puducherry BERSHIC VALANTINE
Treatment of forearm fracture using Intramedullary nails DR. CYRIL JONNES PG – ORTHOPAEDICS
25 08/08/2014 Anterior Urethral Diverticulum – Two Cases Dr. PROF. RAJAN , UROLOG
Hepatitis – B Associated Acute Transverse Myelitis Mimicking Syringomyelia DR. VIJAY SHANNMUGHAM , GENERAL MEDICINE
Increasing Prevalance of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Tuberculosis , Lung Cancer and rising environmental oestrogen DR. ELIZABETH
Antimicrobial Susceptibility pattern among the Salmonella Para typhi A isolates from an Recent outbreak DR SANDHYA BHAT,
Late Presentation of Traumatic
Right Diaphragmatic Hernia; Diagnosis missed or masked
26 19/09/2014 Annual Internal Oration – "Functional Bowel Disorders" DR. GEORGE KURIAN,
27 10/10/2014 Scrub Typhus- Rare presentation  DR. SOLOMON TITUS
Hydronephrotic form of Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney with dilated ureter : A Diagnostic dilemma  DR. CARUNYA
Rhinomaxillary Mucormycosis – More than what meets the eye DR. JISHANA J
Intrapartum screening for Group B Streptococci to prevent early Neonatal sepsis  DR. D. MAHESWARY
Hepatitis B & C Infection in chronic liver disease   DR. B. ISABELA PRINCESS
  Madras Medical Mission
29 05/01/2015 Infected urachal cyst mimicking as acute abdomen DR. CHANDAN PHUKAN
Department of Urology
European Skin Under The Tropical Sun: A
Ten Year Retrospective Study Among
European Origin Patients In Pondicherry
Department of Dermatology
Bull gore injury to the perineum DR. ANGELINE RADJOU
Department of General Surgery
Modified mini-BAL vs Bronchoscopic-BAL in diagnosis of ventilator associated pneumonia in critically ill patients-a pilot study DR. MOHD. SAIF KHAN
Department of Critical Care
30 13/02/2015 Review of Maxillofacial fractures in a tertiary care centre in Pondicherry, South East India Dr. SUHAS
Department of Plastic Surgery
Jaundice in near term infants – A Prospective
case control study
Department of Paediatrics
Validating Micronucleus Score In Effusion Fluid Dr. NIDHYA GANESAN
Department of Pathology
Nebulized Hypertonic Saline With Salbutamol For Wheeze In Children – Effecient Or Not:
A Randomised Control Study
Department of Paediatrics
A rare cause of monoplegia Dr. KIRAN G
Department of General Medicine
Postnatal Weight Loss Pattern And Resultant Morbidities In Exclusively Breast Fed Neonates – Prospective Cohort Study Dr. DANIEL JAYARAJ
Department of Paediatrics
31 13/03/2015 Research ethics in medical profession at crossroads Dr. NANDINI KUMAR
(Guest Lecture)
Former Deputy Director General, ICMR
Clinico-hematological profile of cases with toxic granules in neutrophils Dr. ROWEENA EUNICE NIVEDITHA K
Undergraduate student (MBBS)
Multiple site screening to prevent infections in patients admitted to the ICU in a tertiary care centre. Dr. LEEANN ZACHARIAH 
Undergraduate student (MBBS)
32 08/05/2015 Online Launch of Website of The  Journal of Current Research in Scientific Medicine (JCRSM) Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences
Community Profiling as a part of ROME in a Rural field practice area of PIMS. Students of MBBS 2012 and K(2011) batch, Department of Community Medicine
33 12/06/2015 Uncommon manifestations of Systemic lupus erythematosus –a report of 3 cases Dr. SOUMYA KOSHY 
Department of Dermatology
Spontaneous Osteonecrosis of Knee-SPONK Dr. MANIKANDAN 
Department of Orthopedics
An Unusual case of Idiopathic Hyper- eosinophilic Syndrome presenting with multiple liver lesions Dr. PRADEEP 
Department of Radiology
A retrospective analysis of pediatric surgical trauma cases at PIMS Dr. VEENA MATHEW 
Department of Pediatric Surgery
Department of Anaesthesiology
35 14/08/2015 Melioidosis an emerging threat –A report of
case series from a tertiary care centre in
Department of Microbiology
Incidence Of Internal Derangements Of Knee With Ipsilateral Femoral Shaft Fracture – An MRI Evaluation Dr. MOHNISH
Department of Radiology
Impact of focused training on Communication Skills of Final year medical students Dr. N. IQBAL
Department of General Medicine
An unusual case of partial Anterior Cruciate ligament(ACL) tear secondary to a glass foreign body in an adolescent knee joint Dr. SHISHIR
Department of Orthopedics
Diagnostic role of Procalcitonin (PCT) in suspected cases of sepsis in a tertiary care hospital Dr. SUNIL NANDA R
Department of Biochemistry
Use of Carbapenems in an Intensive Care Unit and the Effect of Educational Intervention in Rationalizing its Use at a Tertiary Hospital Dr. SHASHIKALA
Department of Microbiology
Chronic recurrent parotitis in children: A review of eight cases Dr. MAMATHA B
Department of Pediatric Surgery
36 11/09/2015 Hailey-Hailey disease with disabling perianal involvement: A case report. Dr. VIGNESH KARTHIK B
Department of Dermatology
Detection of virulence factors in clinically significant Acinetobacter isolated from mechanically ventilated patients in a Tertiary care Hospital Dr. AMALA REENA
Department of Microbiology
Her 2/neu expression in gastro- intestinal carcinomas e Dr. GAYATHRIA
Department of Pathology
Amisulpride And Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder: A Case Reporte
Department of Psychiatry
Late Complication Of Renal Transplantation With Good Allograft Presenting 20 Years Later. Dr. KEVIN JOHN
Department of General Medicine
Bone marrow erythroid morphology in anemias Dr. KAVITHA
Department of Pathology
37 30/10/2015 First Scientific Society day



Dean, Life Sciences, Pondicherry University
All Departments
Poster Presentations 53 – Undergraduates & Postgraduates (Prize given)
All Departments
Dean Research, MGMC & RI, Professor of Surgery
Abstract released  
Nov. 2015 New Scientific Society Committee took over
38 08/01/2016 Dangerous Safety Pins – Melioidosis Dr. Reba Kanungo
Department of Microbiology
Dr. Sheela Devi
Department of Microbiology
Dr. Aneesh Basheer
Department of General Medicine
39 12/02/2016 Laryngotracheal injury following airway intervention: An underdiagnosed condition Dr. Benazir F
PG, Department ENT
Emergency peripartum hysterectomy:
A 14 year retrospective cohort study
Dr. Preetha
PG, Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Prevalence and determinants of visual impairment among school children aged 10-14 years in Puducherry: A Cross sectional study Dr. Vishnu Prasad
PG, Department of Community Medicine
Thalamopeduncular syndrome due to Artery of Percheron stroker Dr. Kevin T. John
PG, Department of General Medicine
40 11/03/2016 Postponed due to MCI Inspection  
41 14/04/2016 Screening of oral pre-malignant lesions among adults 2013 Batch - Group A
Department of Community Medicine
Prevalence of chest symptomatic and pulmonary tuberculosis 2013 Batch - Group B
Department of Community Medicine
Morbidity profile of elderly population 2013 Batch - Group C
Department of Community Medicine
Mental health status of adults 2013 Batch - Group D
Department of Community Medicine
42 13/05/2016 Is the cage an additional hardware in lumbar interbody fusion in low grade spondylolisthesis? Dr. Ramachandran
Department of Orthopedics
The elusive in evolution Dr.  Angeline Radjou
Department of General Surgery
Induced membrane technique for reconstruction of long bone defect: A case report. Dr. Shishir SM
Department of Orthopedics
A retrospective review of pediatric genitourinary trauma in PIMS Dr. Mamatha B
Department of Pediatric Surgery
Is healing on MRI mandatory for discontinuing ATT in tuberculosis of spine? Dr. Yuvaraja M
Department of Orthopedics
Medical students’ perceptions about commissions for scans:
A qualitative study
Dr. Thomas Alexander
Department of Medical Education
43 10/06/2016 Unstable distal radius fractures treated by locking anatomical plate fixed through volar approach Dr. Anto Jose
PG, Department of Orthopedics
Sneddon–Wilkinson disease Dr. Vijaya Ramya Raon
PG, Department of Dermatology
Mucoid degeneration of Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) :
A case series of seven patients
Dr. Sundara Pandian
PG, Department of Orthopedics
Thyroid Abscess: A case report Dr. Sidharth Cherian
PG, Department of General Surgery
44 20/07/2016 INTERNAL ORATION
Dr. Thomas Alexander
Dean Medical Education Unit & Associate Professor of Gastroenterology