Student's Support And Guidance Cell

In case of any problems / concerns kindly contact the following faculty / members of the "Student support and guidance cell"

S.No Faculty Name
1 Dr. Rema Devi, Anatomy
2 Dr. Jayagandhi, Anatomy
3 Dr. Bhavani Prasad, Anatomy
4 Dr. Subhasis Das, Physiology
5 Dr. Karthika Jyothish. U, Physiology
6 Dr. Sathiyamoorthy. P, Physiology
7 Dr. Sivaa, Biochemistry
8 Dr. Meenakshi, Biochemistry
9 Dr. Manjunatha. CH, Pharmacology
10 Dr. Aravindha Kumar, Pharmacology
11 Ms. Swetha Ommen, Pharmacology
12 Dr. C.M. Kiran, Pathology
13 Dr. Kingsley, Pathology
14 Dr. Shashikala, Microbiology
15 Dr. Sheela Devi, Microbiology
16 Dr. Sandhya Bhat. K, Microbiology
17 Dr. Sujitha Elan Seralathan, Microbiology
18 Dr. Arthi. E, Microbiology
19 Dr. Patricia Anita, Microbiology
20 Dr. Meghna. C, Microbiology
21 Dr. Rohit Goel, Forensic Medicine
22 Dr. Anil J Purty, Community Medicine
23 Dr. Stalin, Community Medicine
24 Dr. Velavan, Community Medicine
25 Dr. Rajesh Kumar Kondru, Community Medicine
26 Dr. Prahan Kumar, Community Medicine
27 Dr. Vasanthi, General Medicine
28 Dr. Shihari, General Surgery
29 Dr. Parthiban, General Surgery
30 Dr. Kisku, Pulmonary Medicine
31 Dr. Yuvaraj, Orthopaedics
32 Dr. Manasi, Paediatrics
33 Dr. Antonieo Jude Raja, Paediatrics
34 Dr. Bhagwati Wadwekar, Ophthalmology
35 Dr. Jonathan Victor, Plastic Surgery
36 Dr. Padma, OBG
37 Dr. Ramyavel, Anesthesiology
38 Dr. Hariharasudhan, Anesthesiology
39 Dr. Nitin, Radiology