Department Of Dentistry

Dental department has been operational right from the day of inception of the hospital in 2002. At the beginning we focussed mainly on dental emergency services as well as the routine dental treatments for people in and around the local area. Over the years we have expanded to become a full fledged dental care facility offering the best of treatments in all dental specialities

We now cater to patients not only from Pondicherry but also far and wide from other districts in Tamilnadu .Our department has also been providing dental services regularly over the years to those who have been serving in the defence services as well as their family. We also have dental clinics in the three outreach centres of the hospital at Anachikuppam(Hope hospital), PIMS centre at Pondicherry university campus as well as Urban health centre at Lawspat. The department has also kept itself abreast with the latest technologies in the field and is actively involved in various research activities.

We, at the Dental department provide quality comprehensive dental care that includes diagnosis, treatment as well as prevention of diseases affecting hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Advanced procedures are done using latest gadgets and high quality materials while strictly adhering to high standards of sterilization

Services Rendered By The Department

  • Replacement of missing teeth with removable acrylic dentures, cast partial dentures, fixed partial dentures, complete dentures and over dentures with precision attachments.
  • Crowns and bridges with metal, porcelain fused metal or all ceramic materials.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation of discoloured , attrided and multiple missing teeth.
  • All surgical procedures which include extraction of teeth, surgical removal of impacted teeth, pre- prosthetic surgeries, and comprehensive management of maxillofacial fracture cases.
  • Cosmetic dental treatments which include teeth whitening, ceramic veneers and composite restorations.
  • Orthodontic treatment which involves correction of malalignment with respect to teeth as well as jaws. The various modalities of orthodontic treatment we provide are fixed orthodontic treatment-metal and ceramic, both normal and self ligating. We also undertake orthodontic treatment via lingual orthodontics and invisible aligners.
  • Surgeries for gums which include flap surgery, frenectomy, depigmentation of gums and regenerative procedures are done here. Non surgical periodontal treatment which include scaling and root planning are routinely done .
  • Dental implants for replacement of single or multiple teeth as well as for completely edentulous patients for added retention and support of the dentures.
  • Root canal treatment for very badly decayed teeth so that the teeth can be salvaged followed by bolstering with crowns. Post endodontic treatment of badly broken teeth are saved with various types of posts and core.
  • Diagnosis and treatment for temporomandibular joint problems with splints ultrasound, laser therapy and with surgical procedures if required.
  • Special treatment procedures for paediatric patients which include pulp capping, pulpectomy , fluride application to prevent caries ,space maintainers as well as habit breaking appliances.
  • Maxillofacial prosthesis which includes ocular prosthesis, orbital prosthesis, auricular prosthesis, obturators and stents are done for rehabilitation of those patients with the missing parts .
  • Dental lasers are used for least traumatic surgeries as well as teeth whitening

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