Department Of ENT

The ENT Department has come a long way since it was started in 2002. The department is actively involved in patient care, Under Graduate student teaching, Post Graduate student training and research.

Patient Care

Involves both outpatient and inpatient services on both elective and emergency basis.

Outpatient Servcies (OPD)

General ENT: Six days a week (Monday to Saturday)

Specialized clinics

  • Vertigo clinic: Monday
  • Otology Clinic: Tuesday
  • Rhinology Clinic: Wednesday
  • Laryngology and Head & Neck Clinic: Thursday
  • Audiology & Speech Clinic: Monday to Friday

Vertigo Clinic

Diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders and giddiness like Mennieres disease , positional vertigo, vestibular neuronitis, labyrinthitis .


Diagnosis and treatment of neuro-otological diseases like acute/ chronic otitis media ( ear discharge ) Otosclerosis, presbycusis (diseases of hearing ), facial nerve paralysis, vascular tumors of the ear and lateral skull like Glomus tumors, hearing loss evaluation – congenital & acquired), swellings and sinuses around the ear.


Diagnosis and treatment of rhinological diseases like acute and chronic sinusitis and its complications, CSF leak, evaluation and treatment of allergic rhinitis, evaluation and treatment of OSA(obstructive sleep apnoea), orbital decompression , dacrocystorhiniits ( watering of eye), nasal bleed ( epistaxis).

Laryngology and Head & Neck

Evaluation of throat disorders like tonsillitis, adenoiditis, benign and malignant thyroid swellings , other neck swellings like branchial cysts, thyroglossal cyst, swallowing disorders, Head and Neck malignancies.

Audiology & Speech

  • Sound protected Audiology room where following hearing tests done: Pure tone Audiometry, Tympanometry, BERA, OAE, VEMP
  • Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening, Tinnitus retraining therapy, auditory therapy.
  • Speech assessment and therapy, Functional endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES), swallowing rehabilitation
  • Collaboration with CGRC (Child Guidance And Rehabilitation)Clinics
  • Neuro otological tests like VEMP

Minor OPD procedural services

Nasal endoscopy, Videolaryngoscopy (fibreoptic / rigid), microscopic or endoscopic examination of the ear ,fibreoptic laryngoscopic biopsy, ear lobe repair, removal of foreign body ear / nose/ throat /excision biopsies of minor lesions of head and neck, suturing of minor trauma, tracheostomy care.

Inpatient Services

Well equipped ward services with elective operative days three days week. (Tuesday ,Wednesday, Thursday)

Operation theatre

Keeping pace with the advances made in the field of ENT, the Operating room is very well equipped with advanced equipments such as Zeiss Sensera microscope, Leica microscope, HD camera with high definition monitors, nasal endoscopes and microdebrider and Coblator

Surgeries performed

  • EAR & LATERAL SKULL BASE : Tympanoplasty (endoscopic and microscopic), Myringotomy and Grommet (ventilation tube) insertion, Mastoidectomy, Microscopic facial nerve decompression / ossiculoplasty/ and closure perilymph fistula, surgeries for facial nerve.
  • NOSE< SINUSES AND ANTERIOR SKULL BASE : Endoscopic septoplasty, Endoscopic basic / extended sinus surgery , JNA surgery, tumors of the nose and sinuses -Modified Denkers, Caldwell Luc surgery, CSF rhinorrhoea repair / sphenopalatine artery ligation arterial ligation / pterygopalatine fossa surgery and dacrocysto-rhinostomy.
  • Neck : Microlaryngoscopy, Laryngeal biopsies, thyroplasty
  • FOOD AND AIRWAY : Bronchoscopy & oesophagoscopy with biopsies and foreign body removal, drainage of neck abscess.

Surgery for ENT malignancy: Laryngectomy, maxillectomy, Hemithyroidectomy/Total thyroidectomy, Neck dissection

Emergency Services

Emergency ENT services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Routine ENT emergency surgeries include reduction of fractured nasal bones, suturing laceration pinna / soft tissue head and neck, control of Epistaxis and Tracheostomy
Complex ENT emergency include Neonatal / Pediatric Bronchoscopy / Laryngoscopy, blunt laryngeal trauma with repair of fractured cartilages and penetrating neck injuries.

Student Teaching

The department is also actively involved in both undergraduate (MBBS) and postgraduate (MS ENT) University training program with regular theory, practical evaluation, Internal assessment tests and periodic formative assessment with student feedback. At both the UG and PG levels the teaching is innovative and highly interactive. UG teaching includes didactic lectures, clinical postings, observation of operative cases, skills training in virtual reality labs and skills lab and problem solving with integrated teaching sessions. Assessment and evaluation are formative as well as summative in nature. Doctor- Patient ethics (AETCOM) is being emphasized with exclusive hours given for senior clinicians to teach the students. Elective postings are given according to the students interest for wider exposure in treating and managing patients at early ears of medical school. Here they are involved in short projects to encourage and orient then towards research .Students are also encouraged to attend conferences and meetings in other institutions and showcase their talents in scientific presentation and publications.

PG teaching is largely exponential and supplemented with skills training in cadaver dissection labs , case discussion and audits, seminars and journals clubs. There are 3 PGs per year and they are actively supported and guided for dissertations, projects, publications and presentations. In addition, postgraduates training are in-service with the students taking on-call duties. They are sent for observation to institutes of national repute like Adyar Cancer Centre for exposure in oncologic management.


The department has many on going research both at postgraduate and faculty levels along with many publications every year in indexed and peer reviewed journals. The department research activities are founded on evidence based medicine (EBM) with enthusiastic participation in continuing medical education (CME).

List of publications from 2019 to 2023

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DR. Roshan Thomas,  Post Graduate from the Department of ENT



Dr. Arulmozhi , Post Graduate from the Department of ENT



Dr. Jayapriya , Post Graduate from the Department of ENT



Dr. Sivaranjini , Post Graduate from the Department of ENT





Conferences  / workshops



Dr. Gadha Gopan , Post Graduate from the Department of ENT

Gold Medal-Eposters

TNAOI  silver jubilee & 18th south zone AOI conclave 2023




Dr. Rajarajeswari N, Asso. Professor

Best Paper 2020(Faculty)

Scientific society, PIMS-12.01.2021



Dr. Rajarajeswari N, Asso. Professor

Dr. Lakshana Deve,

Anusuya D

Deepshikha K

First Prize -

Bioethics Quiz -19.2.2019, PIMS

Respect for cultural Diversity 



Dr. Arulmozhi , Post Graduate from the Department of ENT

Dr. C. N. Raja Medal for Poster Presentation

SAARAL 2018 , AOI Tirunelveli Branch, Courtallam, Tirunelveli from 31st August to 2nd September 2018.



Dr. Jaise Jacob, Post Graduate from the Department of ENT

1st Prize in Paper Presentation

Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Kottayam from 2nd and 3rd June 2018.



Dr.Jaise Jacob- PG resident in ENT

First prize for a research paper presentation

Conference conducted by the Association of Otolaryngologists of India (AOI), Kerala state branch (Kottayam) on 02.06.2018.

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