Department of Paediatrics Surgery


Neonatal Surgery

Anorectal malformations, Diaphragmatic Hernia, Tracheo- oesphageal Fistula , Abdominal wall defects , congenital lung malformations, urinary tract emergencies in newborns.

Paediatric Urological Procedures (Open And Endourological).

PEDIATRIC TUMORS - LYMPHANGIOMAS, KIDNEY TUMORS( Wilm”s tumors ), ovarian and testicular tumors in children,teratomas, hepatoblastomas

Gastrointestinaland Hepatobiliary Surgeries

Cholelithiasis, Choledochal cyst, biliary atresia etc.

Pediatric Thoracic Surgery

Empyema, Eventration of diaphragm, cystic lung malformations in infants and children, thoracic cysts.

Pediatric Laparoscopy And Thoracoscopy Services

Diagnostic laparoscopy , AcuteAppendicitis, meckels diverticulum , laparoscopy for undescended testis , Ovarian cyst , DSD

Expert Services:

Hypospadias Clinic

(Monday and Friday(9am -1p.m.)

Hypospadiasis is the most common congenital abnormality found in male children and involves complex urethral reconstruction . We offer special consultation to the parents of children with this abnormality helping them to solve their queries and also have special interest and expertise in giving these childrena normal urethra for leading anormal life in the future.

Clinic forAntenatal Consultation of fetal anomalies

(Monday- Saturday- 9 am – 1pm )

In conjunction with neonatologist, fetalsonologist and gynaecologistthe pediatric surgery team counsels the future parents and prognosticates them regarding various congenital malformations.

With the advent of fetal sonography there is an increase in detection of congenital anomalies ( birth malformations ) In these consultations we provide the parents detailed explanation of the concerned abnormality and the long term outcome of the condition. Most of these malformations are treatable and have good long term prognosis .

Pictorial Overview Of Congenital Anomalie

Ancillary Services

Some Ultrasound Guided Procedures Are Also Performed By The Department

  • USG Guided Hydrostatic Reduction Of Intusssusception
  • USG Guded Aspiration Of Collection / Abscess
  • USG Guided Tru- Cut Biopsy Of Pediatric Tumors


Supportive facility: NICU, PICU, GI endoscopy, antenatal screening for fetal anomaly, and child anesthesia.

Diagnostic facility: MRI, CT scan, USG, Color Doppler.

Paediatric surgical department at PIMS is catering to a large population across Pondicherry and south Tamilnadu with patients benefitting for general child surgical problems and child urological problems Due to lack of awareness of some situations many children do not get proper surgical treatment on time which is important to prevent long term complications. We would like to inform the people of the community, that if following common conditions are present in your child, it needs consultation from Child Surgeon to avoid future problems.

Inguinal And Umbilical Hernia:

If your children have

  • Swelling in lower abdomen near groin
  • Swelling which becomes big on crying or coughing
  • swelling which disappears of its own
  • Excessive crying and swelling in groin not It may be hernia which requires early surgery. Do not wait till late age!!

Congenital Anal Stenosis

Small caliber of the anus can be missed in a newborn May present later with distension of abdomen and constipation. Anoplasty is the corrective surgery for this condition .

Undescended Testis

If your child has empty scrotum on any side since birth This condition requires early surgery by 6 months to 1 year of life to prevent testis damage in future.


If your child is passing urine through abnormal opening in urethra If urine stream is going down and not forward This condition requires correction at age 6 months to 2 years Late surgery many times does not give satisfactory results.


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