Department of Transfusion Medicine

Transfusion medicine is a branch of medicine that is concerned with transfusion of safe blood and blood components. Department of Transfusion medicine of PIMS is functioning under the department of Pathology. Department runs round the clock. Our blood center is considered as state of art blood center and provides transfusion medicine support to the entire hospital and peripheral hospitals. By recruiting and maintaining voluntary blood donors, patients are ensured safe, quality and appropriate transfusion. We follow the good manufacturing practices (GMP) at all phases to ensure safety of donors and patients during collection, screening, processing and storage of blood components. We meticulously maintain standard techniques and quality control as laid down in the Drugs and Cosmetic Act and Directorate General of Health Services guidelines.

Our unique features for Total Quality Management

  • Stringent internal quality control measures as per recommended guidelines.
  • Regular participation in EQAS programmes (CMC- Transfusion module and Transfusion transmitted infection screening module, BEQAS- Jaipur- Donor haemoglobin, immunohaematology and TTI screening, SRL-JIPMER for TTI screening)
  • Periodic calibration for all equipments as per the instruction of manufacturer
  • Regular preventive maintenance
  • Staff training and continuing education for staff to improve skills and update their knowledge
  • Regular conduct of internal audits to implement and maintain quality management
  • Purchase of reagents and equipment only from standard companies

We are preparing 100% components - this helps rational usage of blood components and to maintain inventory. The following services provided by our blood bank.

Blood components prepared and supplied

  • Red cells with additives
  • Fresh frozen plasma
  • Random Donor Platelets
  • Cryoprecipitate
  • Leukocyte reduced red blood cells

Transfusion Transmitted Diseases testing on all donor units by highly specific and sensitive method to all the units

  • HBsAg test for Hepatitis B by ELISA
  • Anti HIV-1/2 antibody test and P24 antigen detection by ELISA
  • Syphilis screening by ELISA
  • Anti HCV antibody test for Hepatitis C by ELISA
  • Malaria screening by ELISA


  • Blood grouping & Rh(D) typing by Gel technology
  • Direct and indirect coombs test by Gel technology
  • Identification of IgG and C3d antibody by Gel technology
  • Antibody(D) titration
  • Major and minor crossmatching by gel technology
  • Cold agglutinin titer

Voluntary donors are welcome to donate blood on all days between 8 am to 7 pm

We extend our services to outside hospitals also, including blood components supplies, indirect Coombs test, direct Coombs test, resolving blood group identification.

Who can donate blood?

  • A blood donor must be in good health
  • Age between 18 to 65 years
  • Weight should be ? 45 kgms
  • Hemoglobin level should be ? 12.5 g/dl.
  • Should not have any acute or chronic illnesses
  • It is safe to donate blood once in every three months for males and once in four months for females.
  • Covid vaccinated donors can be donated 14 days after the vaccination, covid affected donors can donate one month after the covid infection.